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From Double Forte to Facebook and Off-Road Tandem Rallies: A Retrospective

Back in April 2000, and at the suggestion of a fellow off-road tandem enthusiast who was also a fellow subscriber and contributor to the Tandem@Hobbes listserve I created a newsgroup / discussion forum for off-road tandem enthusiasts called Double Forte. For … Continue reading

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Fat Bike Worlds… Tandem Style

Our friends Dan & Bevin on their Ventana el Jefe… the lone tandem at the 2017 Fat Tire Worlds in Crested Butte, Colorado, back on 24-28 January.  Personally, I’d love to do this but Georgia Peaches like Miss Debbie wilt when … Continue reading

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S.O.O.R.T.A. Tsali 2016 After Action Report by Chris Judd

The following report on the Self Organized Off-Road Tandem Adventure (S.O.O.R.T.A) held in Tsali, North Carolina was filed by S.O.O.R.T.A. organizer Chris Judd.  You can find more anecdotes and photos on the S.O.O.R.T.A. Facebook page. ———————————————————————————————- I’d like to echo the … Continue reading

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Single Bikes, Off-Road Tandem Bikes & Motor Bikes… A Good Weekend!

Where to start and which blog to use, that is the question!!! I guess I’ll start writing and then sort it all out after the fact. We had another full weekend where we probably played more than we worked and … Continue reading

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Salsa’s Powderkeg 29er Tandem…

This past Saturday our long-time friend and bona fide bicycle geek David H. sent me a message via Facebook with a photo of the new off-road tandem offering that Salsa Cycles debuted at Frostbike 2o15 in Minneapolis, MN: the Powderkeg. … Continue reading

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Off-Road Tandem Events for 2015… Looking for Insights Here!

I’ve taken a shot at updating the “Off-Road Tandem Events” page  at, but feel like it’s a bit thin.  Quite a few of the off-road festivals and events that included tandem categories have gone the way of the Dodo bird. … Continue reading

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Closing out 2014 and Kicking off 2015 Tandem Style!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.   Both Debbie’s company and mine have large production teams and shut down at Christmas as a way of managing holiday vacation disruption, i.e., minimizing loss of productivity by consolidating paid holidays when … Continue reading

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