A Visit to MTB Tandems in Woodstock, Georgia

MTBSignLast Saturday Debbie and I paid our first visit to Alex Nutt’s “new” MTB Tandems shop just off of I-575 at the Sixes Road exit in Woodstock, Georgia.  The address is: 221 Rope Mill Pkwy Suite 2, Woodstock, GA   30114.  Sadly, I didn’t even think to take any photos during our visit, as they would have been nice to have for this entry.

It couldn’t be an easier to get to and is within just a couple miles of two fantastic off-road trail systems:  Blankets Creek off of Sixes Rd. and Taylor Randahl Memorial Park at Olde Rope Mill Park.

MTBTandemsMapAnyone with even a slight inclining about seeing if an off-road tandem might be something they and a riding partner might enjoy owes it to themselves to pay a visit to MTB Tandems and give one of the many tandems they have in stock or in the demo fleet a spin around the parking lot or local trails.

In terms of what Alex had on hand when we visited, I believe nine (9) tandems sitting in the front show room:  1 da Vinci Symboisis, 3 Fandango 29ers, 4 Ventana El Conquistadors and 1 Fandango 26 as best as I can recall.  He also had a very nice white 26″ Co-Motion Periscope Scout sitting on the floor which would be an ideal “cross bike” in that it can play as well on the road as it can on gravel and dirt trails.

Back in the workshop was a 29″ Co-Motion Java in the process of being built-up, ostensibly for Alex and Kim’s use but you know how that works:  Customer’s always come first.  I was really quite taken by the Java when I saw my first one in the flesh at the Tandems East Open House in March but quickly found that even the small-size Java was too tall for my 29″ inseam.

Out in the back shop / warehouse was the rest of the demo fleet… perhaps another 5 – 7 Fandango 29 & 26ers, Ventana ECdMs and perhaps an Ellsworth Witness, but I can’t be sure about that.  Also sitting in the workshop were three Fandango’s built up with Rolhoff hubs all boxed-up and ready for shipment to CanVelo in Israel, a group that works to integrate sight impaired folks with seeing eye dogs, sighted cyclists and equestrian’s.  CanVelo bought a total of four very high-end Fandango tandems to add to their already impressive fleet of off-road tandems.

markdebmtbWe spent a good 90 minutes visiting with Alex and catching up on what he, Kim and their kids had been up to as well as talking about future A.O.R.T.A. events, noting that the first “A” may become “Alex’s” instead of “Appalachian” as venues beyond the Appalachian mountain range may be explored.  We also ganged up on my sweet Debbie to see if we couldn’t re-invorate her interest in riding off-road, if nothing else as a way of making sure we get tuned-up for the next aforementioned A.O.R.T.A.

I’ll definitely be getting my butt back up there before too long and would encourage anyone who finds themselves on the Northwest side of Atlanta to make a quick trip up I-575 to visit MTB Tandems.  Alex is a great host and you’d be hard-pressed to find as many off-road tandems in one place aside from an off-road tandem rally!


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One Response to A Visit to MTB Tandems in Woodstock, Georgia

  1. Dan Orlinski says:

    We need that off road tandem rally out here in Colorado!!! That’s for sharing your visit to the new MTB tandems showroom!

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