Preliminary 2020 Tandem Event Listings

As usual, with this year’s Southern Tandem Rally in the books I took a few minutes this morning to develop a Preliminary  Tandem Events Listing for both the Road and Off-Road Enthusiasts in the coming year.

Therefore, and in an effort to make sure the listing is both complete and accurate, I would respectfully ask any readers who are involved in organizing the various tandem events for 2020 to make sure your event(s) is included and that the links and other information is as up-to-date as you have available, recognizing final costs for registration, lodging and when registration will open-up may still be in development.  Just shoot me an Email or add a comment with the updated information to the event listing page.

Here are the direct links to the two different event lists:

If you visit these listings you’ll note there are still a few events left to go for 2019 including the Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention on 11-13 October at Nashville, TN; the Florida Tandem Rally, hosted by the PANTHERS, on 24-27 Oct at The Villages, FL; and for off-road tandem enthusiasts one last Self Organized Off-Road Tandem Adventure (S.O.O.R.T.A.), the Warrior Creek SOORTAon 12-14 Oct at Wilkesboro, NC.

If any of our readers happen to know of any new tandem clubs that have been formed or of previously established tandem clubs that are no longer active, please let me know about that as well.  You can find my current list of tandem clubs at the following direct link:

In closing, note that the links to these three resources can always be found just below the photo in our WordPress site’s banner.  Again, these resources were moved to this site from which is now pretty much an archive site that I do not update due to some technical difficulties with both the host site and my very old PowerMac and Adobe PageMIll 3.0 software.

As always, thank you for your readership, support and comments. They are all sincerely appreciated.

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3 Responses to Preliminary 2020 Tandem Event Listings

  1. Hi Mark

    This is stew and nancy in France today. We have been here 2 weeks riding with our fellow Tandem Club of France friends. Our final week in France will be in Normandy and will include 4 rides with the club and our yearly Final Meeting were we discuss all the past years events and the events planned for 2020.

    I noticed on your calendar that you have the International Tandem Rally listed with dates August 22 to 29. These dates are correct. In the past this has been a TCF sponsored event and takes place every three years in Salviac France. We have attended all three and are also members of the Salviac Cycle Club and consider this our french “home” Club. We are planning on attending the 2020 event as well.

    The change in 2020 is that this year the event will not be an official TCF (tandem Club of France) event but rather will be organized by the english Tandem Club with assistance from the local Salviac Cycle Club members.

    You can remove the Salviac Tandem event that has bob Stokingers name from your calendar and just leave the international Tamdem Rally and mention the dates and location of the event.

    I will update you with sign up and details when I have more information…

    Stew Clark


  2. Just sent you a prelim. Flyer on the event…

    Stew Clark


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