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Gearing-Up For Roof Topping the Triplet on the Tacoma

Why Another Truck? Just to be clear, the only reason I’ve owned trucks instead of cars is because they either towed my Hobie Cat sailboats around and gave me a place to sleep at regattas, or carried my bicycles and … Continue reading

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Et tu Yakima? More Designed Obsolescence or Just Keeping Up With Technology?

I bought my first Yakima Sport Rack system back in 1985 so I could carry my road and mountain bikes on top of the Brahma shell on my Mazda B2000.  It was the basic Yakima tower system attached to some bolt-on … Continue reading

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Fabricating a Tandem Transportation Fixture for the Tacoma

As noted in my 31 December entry, we traded-in our 2006 Toyota Tundra / tandem hauler on a newer, smaller 2017 Toyota Tacoma long-bed pick-up back on 28 November.  To transform it into a tandem hauler would require a few … Continue reading

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Kiddie BSO’s… that would be Bicycle Shaped Objects.

Sadly, we’ve not been out on the tandem since late October.  Our weather has been cold and wet and nothing but cold and wet ever since.  In fact, I’ve only gotten out on my single bike once in that same … Continue reading

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The Soma Crane Stem Arrived Today

As mentioned in two recent blog entries, as I was putting my ’99 Erickson Signature single road bike back into service I discovered that I’d need to raise the handlebars as my riding position has gotten a bit more relaxed … Continue reading

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Good Bikes Are Like Fine Wines…

… they’re all different and delicious in their own ways. Sadly, I’m not able to offer some new and exciting insights on the ride qualities of a new tandem as we’ve pretty much got all the tandems we need, perhaps … Continue reading

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Helmet Mirror’s & Moisture Damage

Sadly, I lost the photos of the two mirrors with the moisture damage in evidence and will likely have a hard time properly describing what occurred.  However, I’ll do my best… It was in early August and the day after … Continue reading

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