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1st Time Throwing a Timing Chain…

Here’s a strange… We finally had nice weather and some free time this afternoon so we took advantage of both and got in a much-needed tandem ride.  Sadly, traffic continues to increase on weekends so a “low stress” road ride … Continue reading

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Thank You Mother Nature…

Proof that the planets & stars aligned this past Friday… Given our recent weather and an unfortunate motorcycling incident back in November, our days on the tandem have been few and far between for nearly 3 months.  However, imagine our delight … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings to our Readers

From our home to yours, here’s hoping those who have just finished celebrating  Hanukkah and those who are just about to begin celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa Festivus and anything else are doing well, enjoying time with family and friends and are … Continue reading

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Riding at home instead of at STR 2017

A little bit bummed that we weren’t able to fit the 2017 edition of the Southern Tandem Rally into our calendar this year, but will hopefully be able to make it work in 2018. Haven’t seen but a handful of … Continue reading

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Tandem Time… It can be hard to find!

I think I may be neglecting my TandemGeek blog a bit of late as keeping my journal up to date for my mother’s consumption seems to be sapping a lot of my writing juices.  So, forgive me for “poaching” a … Continue reading

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20 Years on the Tandem

Hard to believe, but we’ve now been riding tandems for 20 years.  There are a lot of fond memories, amazing friendships, adventures associated with the past two decades and I’m happy to report, some of the most enjoyable times we … Continue reading

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Two for Two…

We made the best of good weather over the past Saturday and Sunday by getting in a couple of 25-mile rides.  It wasn’t pretty as this was only our 3rd time back on the tandem since January 15th and last … Continue reading

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