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Tandems at the 2015 NAHBS 2015

OK, so here’s my take on the tandems that were on display at the 2015 NAHBS…. and a note of thanks to the folks at places like Bike Rumor, VeloNews, NAHBS, and private individuals who have posted photos to the … Continue reading

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Salsa’s Powderkeg 29er Tandem…

This past Saturday our long-time friend and bona fide bicycle geek David H. sent me a message via Facebook with a photo of the new off-road tandem offering that Salsa Cycles debuted at Frostbike 2o15 in Minneapolis, MN: the Powderkeg. … Continue reading

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Off-Road Tandem Events for 2015… Looking for Insights Here!

I’ve taken a shot at updating the “Off-Road Tandem Events” page  at, but feel like it’s a bit thin.  Quite a few of the off-road festivals and events that included tandem categories have gone the way of the Dodo bird. … Continue reading

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Upcoming PANTHERS Events… by Kathy Foster

From our frequent guest contributor and Florida PANTHERS Publicity Chair, Kathy Foster, comes this event update: The Florida PANTHERS Tandem Club is accepting applications for the Sebring Tandem Rally March 27-29. Also, dates and lodging have been set for the … Continue reading

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2015 Tandem Rallies… First Look

I’m running a little behind compared to previous years, but I finally spent a few minutes updating the “Events” page at this morning. While there are a few organizers that have not yet updated their websites or firmed-up details for their rallies, the majority of … Continue reading

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Looking Back Over the Year….

Well, seeing that I just finished our motorcycling year in review, I should probably take a minute to reflect back on our year in tandem cycling. It was a pretty good year for cycling, not our best by far, but a … Continue reading

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Our 2014 Christmas Lights Ride… Oh Yes We Did!!!

Our dedicated, long-term readers may recall how last year around this time I got a little melancholy and reminisced about the good times we used to have on our annual Christmas Lights Rides in a December 14th blog entry.  I ended that … Continue reading

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