Odds and Ends I’ve Been Meaning to Mention…

Lurking & Scanning But Not Engaging All That Often

Someone from one of the tandem discussion forums I used to frequent — well, frequent is probably and understatement as I have over 7,000 posts on that site alone — sent a very nice personal note this past week that made note of my absence from the forum.  I sometimes wonder where I found the time as some of those postings were about as detailed as my blog entries!  However, as was the case with Tandem@Hobbes where I probably have over 15,000 entries in the archives, I think I reached a point where I no longer was learning much that enhanced my understanding of tandems and tandeming, original reason I searched out the forums and also saw the lion’s share of postings moving in the arcane instead of being focused on sharing information that helped folks solve problems, learn techniques or otherwise help folks who were new to tandems discover and get more enjoyment from their machines.

So, while I don’t often post anything to Hobbes or BikeForums I do still scan over all of the subjects that hit my Email (Hobbes) or appear at the top of the tandem forum (BikeForum) just to see what’s on folks minds with an eye for new information or someone who appears to need a life-line to enrich their tandem experience.

Otherwise, and as you can see by this entry, my apparent need to reduce my thoughts to writing just seem to be easier to satisfy with the blog entries: free form, if you will.  Who knows, perhaps if and when I finally move into pensioner status I’ll have some sort of epiphany or second career that launches me back into the forums.

Can a Tandem Fly?  Only if the Folks Riding It Have Big Brass Ones….

Back in August, our friend Henry Able out in Bend, Oregon sent out a set of photos from an epic tandem jump during the “Blitz 2 the Barrel” race in Bend.  He teamed up with Lev Stryker for the jump; not a first but not something you see every day either:

JumpPhotobyRobKerr-1 LevStryker_HenryAbel_JUMP-1

You can find more details and the full photo set at the Pine Mountain Sports website by clicking HERE.

offroadtandemI’m reminded of another epic tandem jump from the late 90’s where Todd Shusterman was captaining with Tandem & Family Cycling Magazine’s Greg Shepard in the second seat aboard a daVinci Symbiosis full-suspension tandem.  It was an awesome sight captured by T&FC photo journalist David Morgan.  However, what was captured was the less than perfect landing and Greg’s broken collar-bone!  Well, at least I think it was the collar-bone.

I think I have a photo somewhere of Sherwood Gibson + 1 getting some big air off a jump on a BMX track aboard a yellow Ventana El Conquistador de Montanas.  It may be in the Double Forte archives as it was his way of providing an endorsement that a certain single crown suspension fork was more than adequate for off-road tandem use.


I received an Email from a gentleman named Jürgen Brömme the other day. Jürgen has apparently developed and holds a patent on what he calls the Cuddlebike.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.33.01 AMThe Cuddlebike reminds me of some other short wheel base tandems that have been around, going all the way back to the late 1800’s, although most of those feature independent saddles that can be adjusted to give each rider the proper saddle height for efficient pedal strokes.

orient-tandem-pacer  6238031606_4d24cdc8a7_z bibici buddybike

It’s a novel idea for a fun way to take a very leisurely ride, seated truly in tandem in much the same way that you do on classic motorcycle like my old ’77 Honda CB550F SuperSport.

n1459095890_30246448_5509689That back-to-back seating arrangement was quite nice on the Honda, but then again… we didn’t have to pedal.




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