B-17 Bomber “Liberty Belle” Is No More…. (Bloggishnish)

The good news is, no one was seriously injured. The bad news is, the World War II vintage Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress replica of the original B-17 “Liberty Belle” that flew combat missions in World War II is a complete write-off.

We had the opportunity to see the Liberty Belle on a visit to the Cobb County Airport – McCollum Field back in July 2006. Unfortunately, it was a chance encounter that we hadn’t planned on and we didn’t have enough time to sign-on for a flight.

As you can see from the photos below taken earlier today, she’ll never fly again.

Here is a collection of links to recent stories about the accident, comments from the owner, as well as some historical information on the Belle.

A short YouTube Video by AvWeb with a very good report on the incident.

A short video of the Belle in all of her glory.

Just breaks my heart…


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3 Responses to B-17 Bomber “Liberty Belle” Is No More…. (Bloggishnish)

  1. Fred says:

    A sad day for vintage airplane aficionados. Friends of mine were the last paying passengers before it went down.

  2. Ed Peters says:

    I think you’re confusing The Liberty Belle with The Memphis Belle. The Memphis Belle was the first B-17 the survive 25 combat missions and came home to do a war bond drive, had two movies made about her (one fairly factual, the other much more “Hollywood”) and still exists. The Liberty Belle was not a replica of anything. She was also a combat veteran with over sixty missions to her credit. After the war she served for twenty years as an engine test bed for Pratt And Whitney. In 1979 she was totalled in a tornado when another aircraft was thrown into her. The wreck was stored for some time before being restored to airworthy condition. It is sad she came to such an end, but mircaulous that she made it that far at all.

    Everything you would want to know about The Liberty Belle can be found here-


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