daVinci Designs relocates & holds open house

Back on May 15th daVinci Designs (aka, daVinci Tandems) held an open house at their new home over at 1264 South Jason St. in Denver, Colorado.  The new place is not too far from the old one, basically just a bit further North and on the other side of the local golf course.

You can find some additional photos from the modest event at their Facebook page by clicking HERE and either scrolling down to the May 16th post-open house entry or by going to their photo album and clicking on the Open House photo group.

I gotta say, things look very busy over at daVinci these days and the model offerings continue to expand while also being refined. In addition to expanding their line to add 700c wheeled models to their original 26″ exclusive offerings, daVinci stepping into off-shore manufacturing and production with their Grand Junction model a few years back.  Here’s a short video that Brian Davis hosted on a trip to their Taiwan business partner’s facility that’s worth checking out.

daVinci has also come along way with its composite frame offering.  While they began by 2nd sourcing the carbon frames from Calfee, to gain a little more control over the production timeline and development they began to producing their own carbon frames in house, and then went on to develop a hybrid carbon / steel frame as well as their own one-piece rear carbon stay.  Also in the area of composite frames, they’ve licensed the Vyatek Iso and Exo Grid technologies and have started to offer those materials in hybrid frame designs, e.g., a steel & Iso grid Joint Venture was put on display at Interbike last year.  Oh yeah, and they’ve also worked with Rolf to develop their own,  exclusive 26″ version of Rolf’s Prima Vigor Tandem wheel this year.

Again, it’s an amazing array of product offerings and technologies that build on Todd and Brian’s penchant for “thinking outside the square” with their tandems that brought us the Independent Coasting System that the business is built on…  something that remains nearly unique to daVinci but that their customers absolutely rave about.

If you fancy yourself as something of a tandem geek and you haven’t checked out their Website, Facebook Page, or YouTube Channel, you owe it to yourself to do so: lots of interesting stuff and great looking hardware to see. In fact, I’m not sure they’ve even had enough time to update their Website with everything they’re offering these days. Again, if you haven’t paid much attention to daVinci over the past few years you’ll be amazed at the breadth of product offerings.

As a sample of what you can find, here’s a photo of long-time Tandem@Hobbes member Brian Mink & stoker Monica’s new carbon daVinci Joint Venture:

In this time-lapse video, you can see daVinci’s Brian Davis doing some 8 hours of frame finishing and then spending another day painting the frame.

Although it’s not Brian Mink’s Joint Venture, you can learn how and why daVinci combines carbon tubesets it sources from ENVE composites  (although at the time they may have still been called EDGE composites) with a steel keel tube and chain stays for its composite frames which really has some interesting merits as they tour a Joint Ad-Venture frame in the workstand.

Good grief, I’m exhausted just doing the research. Where do Todd Shusterman and Brian Jenks find the time and energy to come up with all of this stuff!!!


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