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Making Do Without The Road Tandem

As noted in my previous blog entry, last Thursday I finally realized the source of a “click” I was hearing on every pedal stroke since August was a failing S&S coupler installation at the junction of the boom tube and … Continue reading

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Deja Vu: Calfee Coupler Failure #2

About a month ago I noted an annoying clicking sound coming from the rear crank area during one of our first, post-retirement tandem rides.  I noted it in the related blog entry and at that time assumed it was coming from … Continue reading

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Georgia Tandem Rally 2018

As mentioned in my 13 May blog entry  — the one just before this — and in my weekly journal on 21 May over at Riding Two Up, this past weekend was all about heading off to the 20th edition … Continue reading

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Georgia Tandem Rally – Commemorative Jersey’s Now Available (Guest Contribution)

From our friends at Georgia Tandem Rally Headquarters, the following just went out to the hundreds of teams that have attended a GTR in the past, and is also out on Facebook. Dear GTR Riders: It only happens once every … Continue reading

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Doing That Triplet Thing in Oconee County, South Carolina

Right on the heels of last weekend’s Georgia Tandem Rally (GTR), our focus this week was getting ready for a quick overnight trip up to Walhalla, South Carolina where we’d be riding the Rally in the Valley on our triplet with … Continue reading

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Periscope Triplet For Sale in Virginia: $5,000 with Roof Rack

A friend and former Atlanta resident who relocated to Roanoke, Virginia is selling the family’s Co-Motion Periscope Triplet, as their children are now either riding the tandem or their own single bikes.  These are very versatile family tandems that can … Continue reading

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Tandem Club List Now World-Wide

Sure enough, as soon as I revisited the links I had for tandem clubs located outside the U.S. I quickly realized that list was also sorely in need of attention.  And, as it was with the U.S. Club list, just … Continue reading

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