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Et tu Yakima? More Designed Obsolescence or Just Keeping Up With Technology?

I bought my first Yakima Sport Rack system back in 1985 so I could carry my road and mountain bikes on top of the Brahma shell on my Mazda B2000.  It was the basic Yakima tower system attached to some bolt-on … Continue reading

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Periscope Triplet For Sale in Virginia: $5,000 with Roof Rack

A friend and former Atlanta resident who relocated to Roanoke, Virginia is selling the family’s Co-Motion Periscope Triplet, as their children are now either riding the tandem or their own single bikes.  These are very versatile family tandems that can … Continue reading

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Interesting Tandems on ebay….

Griffen Tandem: This is actually a pretty interesting tandem that I’d definitely want to have if I was a collector.  However, the one thing potential buyers need to take note of is the incredibly short stoker compartment; I think it’s … Continue reading

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Tandem Decals; Yes… We Still Have Them!

Just in case anyone had forgotten, we continue to be your source for tandem decals!  Yup, the “classic” tandem decals that you see so many of when you go to tandem rallies.  And, believe it or not, in 15 years … Continue reading

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Co-Motion Mocha Looking For A New Home….

Our friends Richard and Shirley wrote to let us know that they’re looking to place their like-new Co-Motion Mocha in a new home.  Stock image below, for reference; It’s a killer deal for anyone who might be looking for a … Continue reading

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How Not To Buy Your First Premium Bicycle….

As I mentioned a while back, I’ve been doing my best to cull the “bike herd’ I have stabled in our garage.  We found a new home for our beloved Erickson and it’s now being enjoyed the way it should … Continue reading

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Well, At Least Ebay Made $25…. No Sale!

Well, if you’d like to give away bicycles there’s a hot market out there!  I put two very nice bicycle frames and a complete, custom bicycle out on FleaBay for a week and the results were, well… uninspiring.  On the … Continue reading

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