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Are Tandem Rallies Really Just for Old Folks With Deep Pockets?

Here’s something to chew on: I’ve come to suspect the ever-escalating cost and time requirements for tandem rallies may be a bit of a barrier to new participants who may or may not yet see the value.  More to the … Continue reading

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Cyclists & Road Use Fees

I always enjoy the various arguments regarding cyclists “sharing the road” but not paying their fair share for the use of those same roads, especially when the annual vehicle registration and ad valorem taxes on our cars and motorcycles come … Continue reading

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Turn Signals…

And, amazingly enough, there are actually laws that require their use!  So, in addition to being a good way of letting other motorists know that you’re mentally engaged in the act of driving, letting them know that there’s a reason … Continue reading

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Calfee Watch…. Finally Headed Back East

FedEx now has the frame and it is scheduled to arrive  here at the local FedEx office on Wednesday, 23 September.  I’m a bit baffled as to why it will take 6 days for FedEx to move the same size box … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Ride Videos: Fun Stuff & Being Cut-Off Three Times

Warm & sunny on a weekend: how cool is that! We actually got in two days of riding on what were picture perfect days. Well, OK: to be honest it actually felt a bit on the warm side but that’s … Continue reading

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How To Screw Up A Great Saddle…. (Selle Anatomica Titanico)

Let me start off with a disclaimer… I’m still fuming after making a pretty eye-opening / disappointing discovery this evening as I prepared our triplet and tandem for this weekend’s Southern Tandem Rally. Here’s the deal:  We purchased a Selle … Continue reading

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Today’s Tandem Ride & GoPro Test… “Drive By”

We had another nice day today; perfect weather for cycling: 53°F, partly cloudy with light winds and about 50% humidity. Our GoPro test was once again limited to one camera as I’m still waiting for a mounting bracket; might have … Continue reading

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