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GoPro Captures for September: Hazardous Drivers & Flying Objects

TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER CAPTURES The first was on Mars Hill Church road when this Chevy 1500 with GA Tag #CET4433 felt compelled to pass within the lane even though there was zero traffic in the on-coming lane to preclude him … Continue reading

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Landscapers & The Value of Eye Protection

We were nearing the end of our every-other-day tandem ride from the house yesterday morning, having survived the usual collection of motorists who don’t know about Georgia’s 3-foot passing rule, or who just use really poor judgement, such as attempting … Continue reading

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Helmet Cam 2.0

As mentioned and demonstrated in a couple of earlier blog entries, I’ve decided it’s in our best interest to capture forward and rearward looking video whenever we’re out riding the tandem.  We’ve just had too many close calls in the … Continue reading

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Video Low-Lights of the Day

Thursday morning’s 32-mile ride from 9:45am until 11:30am. We had four ‘recordable’ events: (a) two “too close for comfort” passing maneuvers, (b) a very unsafe pass by a motorist that nearly caused a head-on accident right next to us, and … Continue reading

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Today’s Top 5 Motorist’s: GoPro Day 2

Today was our second outing on the tandem with the GoPro cameras keeping an eye on the motorists as they “did their thing” around us on our 32-mile ride from the house. EQUIPMENT: As far as changes in the equipment, … Continue reading

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Beta Testing “The Helmet Cam” & Our First Video Capture

Today marked the first trial run on our 32-mile loop ride from the house with front and rear-facing GoPro cameras mounted to my helmet.  Brough out of a 3-year dormancy, I strapped my GoPro Hero 3+ to the front of … Continue reading

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Hands Free Law Goes Into Effect in Marietta, Georgia on 1 April

As has been reported locally, the city of Marietta, Georgia — where I work and where we routinely drive — adopted a new “hands-free” driving law back on 14 February that goes into effect on 1 April.  The idea is … Continue reading

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