Sadly, and not totally unexpected in light of the novel coronavirus 2019-nCOV (COVID-19) pandemic, many of the 2020 tandem cycling events and rallies have been cancelled or postponed / rescheduled with new dates.

The following are the changes we are aware of and several other events are presently  pending decisions by their organizers in light of CDC as well as state, county & local official direction and guidance.

We will update & repost this blog entry as we learn of additional changes.  In short, all of the major tandem rally’s that we were aware of were cancelled or postponed in 2020:

7/5 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Florida Tandem Rally, 16-18 Oct, The Villages, FL
      • Southern Tandem Rally, 23-26 Oct, Tupelo, MS

7/3 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Georgia Tandem Rally, 3-6 Sep, Tifton, GA

6/28 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Middle of the Mitten SOORTA, 23-26 July, Bellaire, Michigan(Off-Road)
      • Amishland and Lakes, 25-26 July, LaGrange, IN
      • MATES 2020, 14-16 Aug, Boiling Springs, PA.
      • Midwest Tandem Rally, 4-7 Sep, Racine, WI
        • Postponed until 2021

5/11 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Elephant Rock Cycling Festival, 6 Jun, Castle Rock, CO (Off-Road)
        • Postponed and moved tentatively to 11 October
      • Saranac Lake Tandem Rally, 19-21 Jun, Saranac Lake, NY,
      • Northwest Tandem Rally, 3-6 July, Chaney, WA.
        • Postponed until 2021
      • International Tandem Rally, 22-29 Aug,  Salviac Lot, France

4/21 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • TandemsEast – Tandem Weekend, 15-17 May, Wildwood Crest, NJ
        • Postponed and rescheduled to May 2021
      • COWs Spring Rally, 15-17 May, Wausau, WI
      • Canadian Tandem Rally, 22-25 May, Gananoque, Ontario.
      • HOOTs Tandem Weekend, 29-31 May, Michigan City, IN,
      • Southwest Missouri Tandem Weekend, 29-31 May, Springfield,

3/28 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Alabama Tandem Weekend, 2-5 April, Dothan, AL
      • Horsey 100 (Non-Tandem But Tandem Friendly), 22-24 May, Lexington, KY

3/24 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • UK National Tandem Rally, 23-30 May, Corsham, West Wiltshire, England.
      • 38th Annual Kent County Spring Fling, 22-25 May, Chestertown, MD

3/22 – Added cancellations / postponements for:

      • Wheels and Waterfalls, 7-10 May, DuPont St. Forest, NC (Off-Road)
      • Coldspring Tandem Weekend, 27-29 Mar, Coldspring, TX  (Off-Road)

Original Cancellations / Postponement List 3/15 

      • Cheers & Gears Ride (Formerly Ridgeland OBO Tandem Rally), 3-5 April, Ridgeland, MS
      • OPEN HOUSE: TandemsEast – Tandem Expo, 4-5 April, Pittsgrove, NJ
      • UK Tandem Rally – Easter, 9-13 Apr, Greenhill Leisure Park, Bletchingdon Oxfordshire (Postponed to 2021)
      • Southwest Tandem Rally , 16-19 April, Kerrville, TX
      • Georgia Rally Pre-Tour, 12-14 May, Cordele, GAt.
      • Georgia Tandem Rally, 14-17 May, Tifton, GA  (Postponed to Sept)
      • Eastern Tandem Rally (ETR’s Homepage), 15-17 May, Long Island, NY
      • TandemsEast – Tandem Weekend, 15-17 May, Wildwood, NJ (Postponed)  
      • 38th Annual Kent County Spring Fling, 22-25 May, Chestertown, MD

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