Sharing the Road: Georgia’s 3 Foot Rule

So Debbie and I went out for a ride on our single bikes today…

Unlike it has been over the past weeks, today there was a sudden surge in motorists back on the roads and back to their “normal” behaviors. Normal, as in doing 50+ in the 35 mph zones, having zero patience and passing too closely, not yielding for a moment to allow on-coming traffic to pass safely, and the guys with little brains and other bits in big trucks “rollin’ coal” and generally being ignorant on these two truths:

1. It is true that in Georgia, you must give cyclists 3 feet of distance from the side of your vehicle when passing: we’re lucky if we sometimes get 1 foot from some of these “triggered” motorists. The law was passed back in 2011.

2. The average stoplight has motorists sitting dead in the water for 2-3 minutes on average. However, slowing down and being delayed for 20 seconds behind a bicycle so you can hurry to that stoplight is somehow worth putting the cyclists and on-coming motortists lives at risk.

Now, to be fair, 80% of the motorists are great, patient and considerate. But 5% don’t have a clue how to safely pass a bicyclist even when there’s no on-coming traffic and you’re trying to wave them by as they back-up traffic… traffic that gets mad at the cyclist not the driver with poor motoring skills. The other 15%, yeah…. those are the ones we worry about along with people on phones.

Learn more about this law to help keep bicyclists safe.
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Learn more about this law to help keep bicyclists safe.

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2 Responses to Sharing the Road: Georgia’s 3 Foot Rule

  1. leissp says:

    You are not alone. We have 1 metre passing rule here in ONTARIO. Most drivers are good but it only takes one and there are more than one. Driving is a privilege not a right. Those drivers who drive distracted or without care and control feel differently for some reason. Stay safe and take care

  2. Dan Schnittker says:

    Sad but true. Stay safe

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