44th annual Midwest Tandem Rally Rally in Columbus, Indiana.  

Our friends at Hoosiers Out On Tandems (HOOTS) are hosting the year’s Midwest Tandem Rally in Columbus, Indiana, over the Labor Day Weekend, 30 August through 2 September, and passed along this invitation for us to share with our readers.  It looks like it will be a great event. 

We invite you to join us for the 44th annual Midwest Tandem Rally Rally in Columbus, Indiana.  

You may register at http://www.mtr2019.org

“Rediscover Columbus” will start in a new headquarters located just north of the city of Columbus.  This new location provides first rate hotel accommodations, easy access to I-65, and country roads connected directly to the parking lot.

Columbus is famous for its architecture, and our Friday route will explore the many buildings that make the city unique

What’s New for MTR 2019

Friday Modified Poker Run route starting at the Hilton.  You will have several stops in Columbus where you will have the opportunity to draw a playing card for your poker hand.  At two of these stops, you’ll be free to exchange a card with another team that you don’t already know (hence “modified” poker run).  The last stop in Columbus will be at the Upland Pumphouse where we’ll encourage you to hangout and socialize.

Friday Evening Mixer for Families:   This will be a simple gathering to allow teams with children to meet each other.  More details to follow.

Saturday Evening Hospice Concert (free): The performers for the 2019 Hospice Concert will be announced in May.  We have arranged for reserved seating to accommodate 200 people.   This number may be increased depending on the performer and rally attendance.  A variety of food trucks will be at the concert, and you may bring your own food and drinks including alcohol.  You should plan to bring folding chairs or a blanket.

Sunday Evening Dessert Social (optional fee):   Socialize with your fellow tandem riders.

Monday Mountain Biking (optional fee):  Before you head home, please join us for a no drop mountain bike ride on the trails of Brown County.  We will start in Brown County State Park and head out to enjoy the trails of Yellowwood Forest, and then back into the park.  The ride will be approximately 3 hours long, consisting of single track, double track, and loads of fun.  We will have a SAG stop to provide drinks and snacks.

More Information at http://www.mtr2019.org


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