GoPro Captures for September: Hazardous Drivers & Flying Objects


The first was on Mars Hill Church road when this Chevy 1500 with GA Tag #CET4433 felt compelled to pass within the lane even though there was zero traffic in the on-coming lane to preclude him from following the 3-foot law when passing bicycles.  I think we’ve encountered him before, pre GoPro.



Next we have a white Cadillac CTS with Georgia Tag #QAU4973 along Old Stilesboro Road who assumed since we were to the right of the fog line on a subdivision turn-out that they could pass as close as they liked: force field in effect I’m guessing.  Again, no on-coming traffic, just the lane-locked mentality.



While the driver of this gold Nissan ZX convertible with Georgia Tag #PYJ3165 gave us plenty of room while passing, as soon as they were clear they made an abrupt lane shift, as if there was a on-coming car… when in fact there wasn’t. I’m not sure what that was all about, so they’ve made the hall of fame just in case we see a pattern here with future encounters.


A gold BMW 5-Series with Georgia Tag #BSY3963 on a different part of Old Stilesboro Road easily driving 45mph in a 35mph zone, no on-going traffic and passing within the lane to the extent that I had to move right up to the ragged edge of the lane / fog line.

And then we have a different kind of hazard: landscapers.  I’ve written a dedicated blog entry on this one that you can find here. The video speaks for itself: inattentive landscaper running a line trimmer along the road who is kicking up rocks and debris without regard for passing traffic.


It was a pretty good day as far as how the motorists behaved.  Still a lot of folks driving well over the posted speed limits on these secondary roads, some way over and we’re starting to see some of “the usual suspects” on the same roads at the same time so it’s habitual.

About the most memorable bad decision by a motorist was when the driver of this Clay Enterprises double-axle dump truck, USDOT #1203866 (no tag) decided to pass us on a blind curve on a fairly busy road and, sure enough, caused a white Jeep in the on-coming lane to come to a near stop lest he run into the truck.Sadly, we probably won’t have as many photo moments for the rest of the month since we’re now without our tandem.


Well, we made it out at 9:30am per schedule on Monday on our single bikes vs. the tandem.  Turns out, motorists are no more careful passing us on the tandem than they are on single bikes.  Still the same bad judgement on passing with on-coming traffic vs. waiting 2-3 seconds until its safer, encroaching on the 3-foot passing distance, etc.

First up was this grey BMW 420i with GA TAG #CIU5291 who opted to pass with another on-coming car on Poplar Springs Road.

This was a constant theme throughout the day, as that’s what this green Toyota Tacoma with GA TAG#WI82MW did on Due West Road, squeezing Debbie to the fog line as he followed another car around us with another car in the on-coming lane.

And then again on Old Stilesboro Road when a Silver Toyota Camry with GA TAG #RIL0234 passed too closely with on-coming traffic, followed immediately thereafter by a gold Toyota Camry with GA TAG # RGX8621.  I should probably note, we were out a bit later than usual to a slower ride pace so it was lunch time traffic when we were headed towards home on Old Stilesboro Road just before the Mars Hill interchange.

And, if that wasn’t enough fun, we also encountered several crews out working on the overgrown median strips during our ride, perhaps 15 workers in high-vis vests with line trimmers.  All but one were very aware of their surroundings and paused their cutting as we passed, all but one along the same stretch of Old Stilesboro Road ahead of Mars hill who was kicking up a nice debris field, completely unconcerned about passing traffic.

This is an honorable mention: I wasn’t able to get a good shot of his license plate but, once again, no awareness of the 3 foot passing law in Georgia and more concerned with putting a tire outside of his lane than possibly brushing up against cyclists.


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