Calfee Update #1: Not A Coupler Fail, per se

Craig Calfee called yesterday afternoon to give me an update on our tandem.

What they discovered was somewhat interesting and a bit perplexing.  It turns out the coupler sleeve and welds are all just fine.  Instead, what they found was, during the initial frame fabrication and lay-up of the carbon fiber around the couplers a little too much carbon fiber was applied around the threaded part of the coupler. The result is that the excess carbon precluded me (or anyone else) from getting a 100% threaded mate between the coupler’s teeth.  Yes, the coupler would be snug, but the teeth weren’t fully engaged.

As to why the poor mating never made any noise or demonstrate anything less than a solid bond in the past, that’s a bit puzzling to me.  I honestly can’t ever recall not getting a solid joint with that coupler, even when we had the top tube out back in August 2015.

Anyway, they removed a little carbon from the frame so that it will mate properly and Craig also offered to give our frame a little freshening-up, a re-nude if you will… complete with fresh decals.  We opted to stick with the classic Calfee logos vs. their newer block style since our other two Calfee singles are both sporting the “classic” logos.

With any luck, the frame will be headed back to us and will arrive even before we return from Utah, which will be great!  We’ll just have FedEx hold it at the local office and we’ll pick it up on Monday, October 1st.  That will give us enough time to get it built back up and ridden a few times before we head to the Southern Tandem Rally at Venice, Florida.

More to follow….


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