What Kind of Tape Is That?

Someone asked a question about the wide, shiny, slick tape that they see where the handlebar tape ends on the tops of our handlebars; what kind of tape is that?

It’s self-fusing silicone tape, which you can find in either the plumbing department or sometimes in the speciality tape section of most hardware or home improvement stores.

It’s sold by several different manufacturers and comes in different colors. I use black because I also use black handlebar tape on just about all of our bikes: black doesn’t show the grime!

Anyway, while not inexpensive at between $5,00 and $12.00 a roll for some of the colorful offerings from “Rescue Tape”, I’ve not found anything better for that final wrap around the ends of your handlebar tape job. It doesn’t rely on adhesives for bonding the way electrical tape or those little strips of bar-end wrap that come with your handlebar tape do as they shrink.  Instead, this very stretchy material fuses to itself.  You can peel it back if need be, but it won’t refuse all that well so it’s pretty much one-and-done when you apply it.  Moreover, you need to be careful when apply not to let it stick to itself and it’s impossible to unstick. However, the expense and attention to detail in applying it will give you a nice looking and durable finish to your tape job that will outlast the handlebar tape.


You can also use this stuff to wrap cable housings that rub up against your frame to keep that rubbing action from marring your frame’s finish and on just about anything else that looks like it would benefit from shrink-wrap that’s too hard or impractical to use shrink-wrap for.


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