Georgia Tandem Rally – Commemorative Jersey’s Now Available (Guest Contribution)

From our friends at Georgia Tandem Rally Headquarters, the following just went out to the hundreds of teams that have attended a GTR in the past, and is also out on Facebook.

Dear GTR Riders:

It only happens once every five years, and now is the time.   The time has come to order your GTR 20th Anniversary jerseys and apparel, clothing that will make you the best-dressed team at any cycling event you attend this year and in the future.  Not only are we doing jerseys in 2018, but we are also doing matching shorts, bibs, wind vests, and jackets.  We’ve got an entire store of stuff ready for you to order.  You do not have to attend the rally to order apparel.

Congratulations to Andrew and Ally Gill of Gainesville, FL, the first to buy GTR jerseys.  They noticed the jerseys were on sale via the GTR website and ordered them before this email came out!

Here’s the jersey, which is nice and bright and will increase your visibility on the road:

Jerseys are available in men’s and women’s sizes as well as club cut (a bit more relaxed) and race cut (that skin-tight look).  Most teams opt for club cut.  We’ve also got sleeveless for you sun lovers in Florida with big biceps.  All jerseys have full zippers.

And now the matching shorts/bibs for the full kit:

Shorts/bibs are available in men’s and women’s sizes and you get to pick what kind of chamois you want.  Yes, that’s a cute tandem on the rear end.

The wind vests look just like the sleeveless jerseys and the jackets look like a long-sleeve version of the jersey.

Pricing for the GTR 2018 stuff is as follows:
Jerseys: $65, the same price as 2013!
Shorts: $65 and up, depending on the chamois you pick
Bibs: $70 and up, depending on the chamois you pick
Vests: $55
Jackets: $60

Where else are you going to find matching, custom tandem jerseys for only $65 each?

The apparel is made by Voler in California.  This is the same manufacturer we used for the GTR jerseys in 2008 and 2013, so if you like the way those fit, stick with the same size.  You also had the opportunity to try on the jerseys (in club cut) at GTR 2017 in Valdosta.  If you wrote down your size, we have it.  Email us if you forgot it.  There are sizing charts for each item on the Voler ordering site.  Just scroll down and you will see the chart.  Please be careful when ordering your sizes because there will not be extras of anything to swap out.

You can order your jerseys from now until February 18th, so you have about six weeks to get your order in.  We are not ordering extra apparel, so this is the only chance you will have to order until GTR 2023.  (No, we don’t know where it is.)  Treat yourself…you deserve it.  Ordering is done through the Voler site.  Jerseys will be shipped to us and we will distribute them at GTR 2018 or ship them to you if you will not be at the rally.
Click here to order your GTR 20th Anniversary apparel.
Or here:

Please let us know if you have any questions about our GTR apparel for 2018.  Sizing questions are best answered on the Voler site as they have extensive size charts for your viewing and dancing pleasure.

Registration for the GTR pre-tour in Madison and GTR 2018 in Athens are just around the corner.  GTR Hall of Fame members begin registering on January 21 and then we throw it open to everyone else on January 28th.  You will get a separate email when it’s time to register for the rally, including the link to our electronic registration site.

Happy New Year to all of our tandem riding friends.  We hope that your 2018 plans will find you joining us for GTR in Athens for the largest tandem rally in the south.


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