Precision Tandems – August Blow-Out Sale Through the 31st.

Our friend Mark Johnson at Precision Tandems in Kansas wrote to let us know he found himself in a giving-back mood and has decided to blow-out several tandems, wheelsets and offer up an across the board 10% discount on all non-sale items (and let me tell you, he’s got a LOT of inventory, including hard-to-find, new-old-stock parts) with free shipping on orders over $150.

So, if you were already thinking it was time to move up to one of the newer open-frame performance tandems, or to upgrade your older open frame tandem for one with newer technology, now would be a great time.

Quite frankly, I’ve taken a peek and if I was ready to upgrade I’d jump on one of those tandem deals!  We’re talking about 20% – 30% off MSRP on Co-Motion and Calfee tandem models.  In fact, I’m actually thinking about picking up a spare set of Velocity wheels and would be all-over the composite Rolf’s if we were doing time trials now and again.

More details at their website but act fast, these specials end on August 31st.


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