Florida Tandem Rally 2017, 20-23 Oct – Registration Now Open

Central Florida is a great location for tandem riding and is the location for the 8th Annual Florida Tandem Rally held in “Florida’s Friendliest Home Town” — The Villages, Florida.

The Waterfront Inn will be your host for the weekend and a rate of $111 will be available for those attending the rally. Check out their website at www.waterfrontinnvillages.com to make your reservations or call 352-753-7535 and mention the Florida Tandem Rally for this special group rate. Please make your reservations early to get your choice of rooms and to make the cut-off date of 1 October.

Two Ways to Register for FTR2017
This year you have a choice of registering for the Florida Tandem Rally by printing out our application and mailing it in or you can choose to register online using IM Athlete.

The Application for the Florida Tandem Rally 2017 is available now. Print it, fill it out and mail in with your check.

OR To register online, go to the IMathlete website at www.imATHLETE.com and search for “2017 Florida Tandem Rally.” Then check ‘Tandem Team’– read and accept the Waiver — and type the Captain’s initials in the supplied box. IMathlete does charge a fee to use their services.

PANTHERS Jersey Orders
If you would like to order PANTHERS jerseys, to be picked up at FTR 2017, use this order form: PANTHERS Jersey Order Form 2017 and send it in with your rally application. Deadline for ordering jerseys for pick-up at the rally is September 1, 2017!

Please note that you must be a PANTHERS member to purchase the jerseys at our special 2-for-1 price. If you are not yet a member, just fill out the Membership Application and mail it in with your jersey order. Dues are only $20 per team per year.

Introducing a NEW CLASS of TANDEM RIDES at FTR2017
The PANTHERS Florida Tandem Rally 2017 will offer rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday that are a little different from our usual rally rides. We know that some teams have just started riding a tandem, or are unfamiliar with what to expect when attending a tandem rally. Or you may have had a recent accident that has limited your fitness level or you may just not be sure if you can ride a full 35 mile route.

If any of these reasons have made you hesitate to come to a tandem rally, this year we will offer “NO-DROP” rides. On these rides, no rider will be left behind and you can count on having a tandem team to stay with you even if you are unable to maintain the group’s pace or you need some help to repair a flat.

To help you get started, we have a dedicated and experienced tandem team that will answer any questions you may have about tandem riding and offer tips on group riding etiquette. This team will be Jack and Pat Deacon of The Villages. They have many miles under their wheels as a team and have ridden most of the popular tandem rallies and toured through many states across the nation. For the new “NO DROP” rides they have chosen routes of 20-25 miles over roads that have very low traffic and require minimal climbing. A comfortable riding pace will be chosen so that everyone iss able to maintain voice contact for any situations that may arise. If you have been hesitant about attending a tandem rally, this year’s FTR 2017 will be a great time to learn from an experienced tandem team.

All routes will start and end at the Waterfront Inn and will pass by convenience stores for rest stops.

Friday’s Rides
Last year we had 25 teams who arrived early and ready to ride. Teams that arrive early on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning will be invited to ride a 20-25 mile route with local PANTHERS tandem teams Hank & Kathy Williams and Bruce & Susan Hansen. The start location will be in the parking lot adjacent to the Waterfront Inn and the ride will start about 9:30AM. The route direction will take the riders south of The Villages and return to the starting point. This ride will go at a pace of approximately 14-16 mph and the leaders will adjust the speed of the ride to be sure that no one is left behind.

A longer ride will begin at the same time and location and the ride leaders will also be local PANTHERS tandem teams Dick & Patty Young and Bill & Kathy Foster. This route will be through The Villages and will include a westerly jaunt through some of the countryside adjacent to The Villages. The speed will be approximately 16-19 mph and the pace will be adjusted in order to maintain a tight line.

Friday’s Social
Friday evening at the Waterfront Inn, all tandem teams are invited to enjoy ice cream with their favorite toppings. This anticipated social event allows riders a chance to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances.

Saturday’s Rides and Lunch
Saturday’s rides of 33, 43, and 58 miles will have a mass start from the Waterfront Inn at 9:00am. After finishing these rides, all tandem teams will enjoy a lunch at RJ Gators restaurant, a short walk from the Waterfront Inn.

Saturday Evening Banquet
Saturday evening riders are invited to the Canal Recreation Center for a buffet dinner catered by La Hacienda. After dinner door prizes will be awarded and the dates of the Sebring Tandem Rally will be announced. One lucky team will be awarded free registration to the early March 2018 Sebring Rally which will be held at the Chateau Elan Hotel in Sebring, Florida.

Sunday’s Rides
Sunday’s rides of 32 and 42 miles will leave the Waterfront Inn at 8:30am.

Before or After FTR 2017
We now have 24 teams who are PANTHERS living and riding in The Villages, and you are invited to spend the week before or after FTR2017 to ride with us. After completing this year’s Florida Tandem Rally you are invited to extend your stay in The Villages and ride your choice of two overnight tours. One tour will leave from the Waterfront Inn and travel 51 miles through Inverness with an overnight stay in Brooksville lodging at a local motel. Most of this ride will be on the Withlacoochee Trail. A next day return route of 49 miles will bring the riders back to the Waterfront Inn.

A longer route of 75 miles will leave the Waterfront and travel to Palatka using roads through the Ocala National Forest. The overnight stay will be alongside the St. Johns River in Palatka with walking access to local restaurants. The next day the riders will return to the Waterfront Inn using the reverse of the 75 mile route. Tandem teams who elect to ride these tours will have access to cycle support vehicles in case of mechanical problems during their tour. You are assured to have good roads, routes sheets and PANTHERS to ride with daily.

If you enjoy riding with tandem friends from the Southeast and Central Florida, make your plans now to attend.

For more information go to http://www.floridatandemclub.org/


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2 Responses to Florida Tandem Rally 2017, 20-23 Oct – Registration Now Open

  1. Graham Yuill says:

    Hi I came across a post on Bike Forums from 2010 that has a post by you with a photo of a great PVC tandem truck bed mount. Is the boom tube cradle home made?



    • TG says:

      The cradle is just a PVC “T” fitting where I trimmed away about 75% of the top of the “T”. I used some high density foam to line the cradle bed and covered that with white vinyl tape.

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