Periscope Triplet For Sale in Virginia: $5,000 with Roof Rack

A friend and former Atlanta resident who relocated to Roanoke, Virginia is selling the family’s Co-Motion Periscope Triplet, as their children are now either riding the tandem or their own single bikes.  These are very versatile family tandems that can accommodate anything from two children with a captain of any size or three adults.

From Russell:

I purchased the bike from Mark Johnson of Precision Tandems in 2008, when my
son was 18 months old and my daughter had just turned 4.  My 4 year old
daughter started off on in the rear, while my son had a toddler setup in the
middle, sort of like you would do on a regular tandem for a small kid.  I
since sold those parts back to Mike and now have the middle setup like the
rear.  It is ready to ride with you and two partners of roughly age 4 and up
(depending on how big your kids are)

Both rear and middle positions include Davinci 130-150-170 mm cranksets, to
make it easily adjustable for a wide range of people.

All three positions have adjustable stems – the front is the Co-Motion Max
Captain Stem.  The middle and rear are currently setup with a
mast/threadless stem combo, for high adjustability.

I have different seatpost setups for middle and rear depending on rider
size.  The standard setups are like the captain setup in the picture, with a
mast and then a seatpost (presumably where the bike name came from).  For
the middle and rear, I also have a different setup (as in the rear in that
picture) where you put a different seatpost collar on and then just use the
seatpost, to allow shorter riders.    Items of note that were upgrades from
the stock setup

  • Ultegra STI 10-speed shifter, XT rear
  • Davinci 24-23-46 110 bcd chainrings on rear, with spare 130 bcd spider
  • 11-36 10-speed rear cogset
  • Kickstand plate (never used)

There are a lot of additional parts – it has a custom high intensity rear
LED mounted to the Old Man Mountain White Rock rack.  I also have a
ThudBuster seatpost and shim, and several choices for middle and stoker stem
setups.  I also have a custom hitch for a BikesAtWork trailer that we used
to pull with it – we would put the kids riding stuff on the trailer
(scooters, balance bike, 16″ wheel pedal bike, etc) and ride to the
greenway, and the kids would ride on their own until they got tired, and
then put the tired kid and riding item back on the bike and eventually
return home.

Includes ATOC triplet topper to carry on your vehicle Would consider selling
BikesAtWork trailer with it also (Model 64A)

I have many wonderful memories from riding with the kids on it, but we just
don’t use it anymore and I don’t need it as decoration.  It has the original
chains on it and measuring with the Park chain checker they are still in
good condition.  The whole bike is in great condition overall and ready to
ride – no crashes.

I live in Roanoke VA but get around from PA down to SC with some frequency
and could meet you somewhere.  The bike can be shipped UPS also – Mark
shipped it to me UPS originally.  I’m open to shipping within the US if need
be, but would prefer not to do so.

Contact me by email –  I can get additional
pictures if you have specific questions.


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