Registration for Canadian Tandem Rally Now Open Too!!!

Our friend Brenda V. from the Great White North dropped us a note to let us know that, (a) they and the  Toronto Tandem Co-Op is alive, well and riding in the Greater Toronto Area and, (b) that the Canadian Tandem Rally is ON for 2017!  We’ve updated the Tandem Club Info list with their contact info and you can find the Canadian Tandem Rally information and links to the Website below (and it’s a really fancy website this year too!)

Join us May 26-29, 2017 for the 13th annual Canadian Tandem Rally in the beautiful region of Simcoe and Norfolk County. On-line registration is available at

This spring we’re riding in Ontario’s South Coast, Norfolk County. This is not a race, but a sensory experience. Witness a diverse landscape steeped in history. Port Dover was once the home of the largest fresh water fishing fleet in the entire world. We’ll see beautiful beaches and pristine farms and forests.

Riding the paved mostly flat with some rolling rural roads of Norfolk you’ll pass ginseng, tobacco, orchards, Carolinian forests wineries, beaches and sand dunes or from Port Dover, cyclists who are so inclined can ride all the way to the Kitchener/Cambridge area or Hamilton/Ancaster on uninterrupted scenic rail trails much of which are paved as well.

Come with us for 2 or 3 days of riding around Simcoe and soak in the scenery and experience riding in Ontario’s Garden. Ride with your friends and meet new ones on scenic country roads exploring the south coast of the province at a pace where you can genuinely experience it.

Join us Friday for an optional ice cream ride and finish the evening at the Wine & Cheese get together.

Saturday we ride along some of the Lynn Valley Trail for lunch in Port Dover and top the evening off with our annual banquet at our host hotel Best Western Little River Inn.
On Sunday we wind northwest along country roads to Delhi for lunch at Ramblin’ Road Farm House Brewery.

For those staying with us until Monday we will be riding the Norfolk Sunrise Trail to Waterford for coffee/lunch.

Registration fees go up April 15th by $50 and registration closes May 1, 2017.

For all our American friends the low-cost of the Canadian Dollar makes this year’s rally costs even lower for you!

Looking forward to having you join us there.

David & Brenda Vandevelde


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