Registration for the Georgia Tandem Rally is Now Open


From GTR HQ:


VALDOSTA, GA, MAY 18-21, 2017


For the 19th edition of the Georgia Tandem Rally, we head to south Georgia and the city of Valdosta, the “city without limits”. You have probably driven through Valdosta many times and maybe only stopped for gas. This time, stay for the weekend as we hit all of the highlights of Valdosta, including some of the flattest rides we have ever offered on GTR. There is an occasional upslope, but our Floridian friends will be very pleased with the terrain this year. GTR will never be closer to Florida, or Texas for that matter.

We’ve got three days of social events to go along with your riding. From sweat to sweets, we have the weekend covered.

Here’s what we have planned (subject to change as it’s pretty early):

THURSDAY, MAY 18: The weekend kicks off with an afternoon “Welcome to Valdosta” party at Birdie’s Market in Downtown Valdosta. Relax after your long drive with a drink and a snack before you go out to dinner.

FRIDAY, MAY 19: We are here to ride, and our first day of riding will not disappoint. Our remote start gets us out of Valdosta traffic and rides into farmland, because that’s where we find the quiet roads this area is known for. Ride distances of 32-71 miles mean that there’s something for everyone at GTR. Save room at dinner for dessert because on Friday night we head to the Crescent House, one of Valdosta’s oldest homes. Built in 1898 and rescued by the ladies of the Valdosta Garden Club in 1951, the Crescent is surrounded by live oak trees that were planted the year the house was built. It’s a great venue for our Friday night festivities.

SATURDAY, MAY 20: We’ll start the day off with rides of 28 to 70 miles. The longer options on Saturday take us across the border into northern Florida. Don’t worry–you won’t need a passport. This is the first time that GTR has ridden across the border into Florida. Something new this year: Saturday’s lunch is at the end of the ride, so when you are done with your ride, you will have the option of getting out of your bike clothes before you eat lunch. You can walk to Saturday’s big banquet at the Rainwater Conference Center in Valdosta, which is very close to our host hotels.

SUNDAY, MAY 21: We have time for one more ride before you head for home. Options of 29 and 44 miles go to the southeast of town. You’ll have time for a quick shower before leave Valdosta with tandem memories that will last until GTR 2018.

Again, more details and registration information at their Website.


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