Time Trial Tandem: Is It Just Me Or….

… does the stoker look like they need a little more room?


This particular Filament Cycles one-off composite tandem was highlighted in a thread on the BikeForums.net tandem cycling sub-forum started by Richard Craddock who formerly build frames under his surname, Craddock Cycles.

His shop is spectacular-looking and appears to be kept as spotless as a clean room.  His frames are also very nice looking, both in their pre-painted raw condition and after the final finishes have been applied.

During the updates the length of the stoker compartment was questioned by at least a couple of readers but a photo of the tandem in time-trial configuration with aero wheels or riders aboard was never posted.  However, after reading one of the more recent updates and looking at the linked photos on Richard’s Flickr site I scrolled through his gallery and stumbled up this.

Again, as I alluded to in my title / intro sentence, the stoker compartment looks a little cramped for that particular rider.  What do you think?  Am I missing something relative to power production and frame fit for a stoker on a TT tandem?

Contrast that with the Tiemeyer TT Tandem I featured in a blog entry back in November 2012:


Or, from the same blog entry, this Hooker TT Tandem:


And finally, a composite Calfee TT tandem that won best tandem at the 2013 NAHBS that I featured in a February 2013 blog entry:





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One Response to Time Trial Tandem: Is It Just Me Or….

  1. Howard Lewis says:

    I just love this blog! I now I love it even more after seeing the wife and I above on our Filament Tandem (i.e. Howard and Becky Lewis, Shropshire, England). After a few tests in 2016 I now have the wife even closer!! The stoker bars are now lower and her hands are more forward, just brushing the back of my extended legs. We found that the larger the gap between us the more drag we produced. After making the changes we went quicker in 2017. We love our tandem but I would like some aero forks that can take the force of the tandem. Can anyone help with that?

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