Interested in Visiting Puglia Region of Italy and Renting Out a Loft?

Alison and Phil Spare wrote to me a while back to introduce themsevles and to let us know they are making their studio loft in Puglia, Italy, available during both high and off-season for tandem cyclists and others.

Hello – We are an American couple that lives in Denver, Colorado and ride with the Colorado Tandem Club.  We recently bought a little second home in Puglia, Italy in the charming town of Nardò (Salento region near the Ionian Sea).  We have always loved riding in this area (fun contrast to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado).  Our schedule for the next few years will only allow us to visit Italy twice a year, so we will be renting it weekly during the high season.  However, we will also rent for extended stays during the off season.  We believe the property would be ideal for a tandem couple or for a writer or anyone who has a flexible schedule and wants a super bargain as we will rent at a greatly reduced rate during the off season.  We will post this opportunity on Sabbatical Homes, but thought you might want to share this with your readers.

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-9-53-52-amHere are pictures of this lovely studio loft in the centro storico of Nardò.  As riders, what we loved was the ability to pull our bike right into the house without any steps to the main level.  We are happy to discuss the details with you or any friends.  In general, it sleeps two (although the couch pull out), has a private Roos terrace, and fully equipped kitchen and washing machine.  We were looking for 600 euros a month (plus utilities) and at least a one month commitment.  We have spent a lot of time in Puglia and decided that Nardò offered so much from easy access to the Sea to a lovely community that is active year round and not solely dependent on the tourism season.  The property will be available starting in February 2017 through April 2017 and then again in November 2017 to April 2018.  The November to April schedule will continue for the next several years until our schedules allow us to split our time between Italy and Colorado.

Thanks for creating a wonderful forum for riders.  Of course, we already know what a great community there is with tandem folks!  All questions can be directed to   I am also available via Skype or Whatsapp.    Feel free to share this with any friends or family that might want a delightful retreat!  Oh and do let us know if you ever want some high altitude training in Colorado!

Best regards,
Alison and Phil Spare


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2 Responses to Interested in Visiting Puglia Region of Italy and Renting Out a Loft?

  1. Very interesting! How can we contact Alison and Phil Spare?

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