When Good Laptops Go Bad…. Thank You MicroCenter!

20161008_144215My trusty five-year old Apple MacBook Pro – a fairly souped-up 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 17″ display — decided to stop working while we were out of town on a trip last week.  It had been working just fine, albeit a bit slow on start-ups, but otherwise still delivering flawless performance. However, after putting it to sleep before heading out for Friday’s ride at the Southern Tandem Rally on this past Friday I attempted to wake it up upon our return some 6 hours later and despite several reboots in various safe modes and with other features locked-up, the MacBook Pro simply wouldn’t go past about 30% complete on the start-up.

I finally gave up after running on-line diagnostics that said everything was fine and a few other tricks that usually bring a MacBook out of a cold sleep and took it to MicroCenter in Marietta, Georgia, on Monday, October 10th as they still sell and service Apple computers.

Their Apple Tech Lance called on Tuesday with a bad news / good news story.  The bad news was the $500 Logic Board (aka, Mother Board) had failed and it along with two other components on the Logic Board needed to be replaced. The good news was, Apple had issued a recall on the Logic Board on these particular laptops and all costs associated with that repair we’re covered, including MicroCenter’s $40 diagnostics.

I received a follow-up call from Lance on Thursday, October 13th letting me know my laptop was now up and running with the new Logic Board and had no other issues: I was good to go!

Well… almost good to go.  I’d stopped backing up my laptop a while back as the drive that I was using didn’t really work all that well.  So, before leaving the store I stopped back at the Apple sales department and picked up a 3TB Western Digital Passport backup drive so that I could back-up the entire 1TB hard drive on one partition, and then use a second partition for my time-machine / daily data back-ups.  I’ll probably use the 3rd partition to go and back-up my older MacBook.


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One Response to When Good Laptops Go Bad…. Thank You MicroCenter!

  1. Ed Hass says:

    “It had been working just fine, albeit a bit slow on start-ups, but otherwise still delivering flawless performance.”
    My five year old desktop (Windows I7, 3.4 GHz) takes about 4 minutes to boot up. However, my MS Surface 3 (Windows Atom 1.6 GHz) takes only 30 seconds. Also fits nicely in a pannier 🙂
    Get a solid state drive.

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