The Georgia Tandem Club’s May Ride…

You can find and read the official PEACHES ride report by Eve Kofsky at this link or by clicking on the banner that appears below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.49.49 PM

About the only thing we’d need to add that we haven’t covered elsewhere is how we felt on this particular ride.  In a word: Cold!

Seriously, PEACHES don’t fair well in the cold and while temps in the 50’s and 60’s would normally not phase us, we just had a few weeks of temps in the mid to upper 80s that set our expectation for the coming months.  So, dealing with a 30 degree temperature drop was a rude awakening.

However, that said, we had a really enjoyable ride with the Georgia Tandem Club out in Cartersville.  We did the 57.9 kilometer option so that I could ride my age, having turned 56 on Saturday.  Yes, there was as time when we’d ride our age in miles, but with only so much time in a weekend kilometers are cool with me!!

We spent most of our time riding with Peter & Margaret, Roger & Eve, John & Mitzi, Denny & Stephanie and Randy & Claudia for the early part of the ride. About midway through the ride a few of our companions fell off the back but we all regrouped at the store stop 20 miles into the ride.  We finished up with Roger & Eve, John & Mitzi and Ron & Shari, as Denny & Stephanie had opted to go the longer distance just before we reached the store stop.

I would say it was one of Debbie’s better days on the tandem as she was comfortable in the saddle and said she felt like she was able to delivery power to the pedals on the somewhat hilly route: that’s all goodness.  She’s been struggling with a skin abrasion issue which we’ve not been able to definitively identify a root cause for.  It could be the edge of her chamois that’s causing the irritation, how she sits on the saddle, or perhaps even her habit of rolling up the already short legs of her shorts.  Regardless, we’ve taken to applying some sports tape to the region that gets abraded and that seems to be helping out a lot, if not completely eliminating the problem.

Anxiously awaiting our three days of riding at the Georgia Tandem Rally next weekend and keeping our fingers crossed that the weather-guessers are wrong!  Otherwise, we’ll make the best of it and look forward to the June PEACHES ride in Taylorsville.


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2 Responses to The Georgia Tandem Club’s May Ride…

  1. Lonnie and Carol Jones says:

    Hi Mark and Debbie, here in the north, we have had a very abnormal spring. Temps continue to be much lower than normal. We had a frost advisory Sunday morning. That really puts a damper on your will to ride. We haven’t had the opportunity to ride much since we returned from Huntsville. Cold, rainy, or both. Looking forward to GTR rain or shine. The temps forecast for the high 80’s will be welcome. We plan to spend some time in the Carolinas before we head to the Horsey Hundred in Georgetown, KY.
    Looking forward to seeing all our tandem friends in a few days. Travel safe!

    Lonnie and Carol

    • TG says:

      Sorry to hear your weather has been less than conducive to riding. Here’s hoping the folks who track the weather here in Georgia continue to get it wrong! But, just to be sure, I’ve put the mud guards on our triplet as we had similar forecasts just before GTR 2014 in Athens and by golly the rain held-off while we were on the road with our mud guards mounted “just in case”. Look forward to seeing you and Carol in the Low Country! Safe travels.

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