Another Beautiful Day & Some Other “Stuff”…

20160306_151609Ok, so we went two-for-two this weekend with tandem rides on Saturday and Sunday!  Can’t remember the last time we went back-to-back, never mind logging over 50 miles on a weekend “on the road” instead of spinning way inside on a resistance trainer.

The second 25-mile loop was not pretty, but long-steady-distance has its place in every riding regime.  And, just making cycling a priority so that we were able to get out on both days was a pretty big deal, as there were a variety of other competing demands for our precious weekend hours.

In fact, I even passed on a boys-weekend-out in Nashville with five of my motorcycle buddies so that Debbie and I could get in those two tandem rides!  I truly enjoy my friends, but when I have to choose between the boys and Debbie, it’s a no-brainer: Debbie time is the most valuable time that I have and don’t you know, we made the best of it!!!

So, suffices to say, we’re working really hard at balancing our priorities so that tandem cycling remains an integral part of our spiritual, social and physical life rhythm.

Other Stuff…

  • Triplet Time:  There are actually two notes to share this week with regard to the triplet lifestyle; yeah, let your imaginations run wild: it’s not what we’d like to think it might be!!!
    • On the primary thread, which is triplet-time at tandem rallies, we’re playing catch-up with our long-time tailgunner to see if we can’t firm up our riding plans for the Georgia Tandem Rally in May.  We’ve done the triplet at GTR for what I believe are at least the past four years: Dublin, Athens, Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.04.17 PMCovington & Macon with our dear friend Lisa.  However, we’re relied upon our friends Eric & Linda to coordinate and firm up riding arrangements for all those four years. Sadly, we’ve not gotten to spend too much time with Eric & Linda over the winter so we never connected the dots on our GTR plans.  Having registered for GTR and then seeing where Lisa has as well, but without a firm riding plan, we’ve sent off an Email making sure she knows there’s a seat on our triplet with her name on it!  Hopefully we’ll get that all sorted out, as it’s always a great time when we ride three-up with Lisa!
    • What’s perhaps just as exciting is that we ‘almost’ enlisted one of our motorcycle friends to join us on the triplet this weekend!  Her hubby was heading off for the aforementioned boys weekend in Nashville and we extended an invite for Jeanette to join us for a triplet bicycle ride, something that would have been a first for her, i.e., riding a multi-seat tandem, never mind a road racing bicycle.  Even though she’s not a cyclist, she’s an amazing motorcycle pilot with great riding skills and she’ll also fit into all of Debbie’s cycling gear, so we have shoes, helmets, shorts & jersey’s that will fit.  We’ll also pretty sure she’ll be blown away by the riding experience just because she’s that kind of awesome!
  • Alabama Tandem Weekend:  We’re pretty sure ATW is still on our 2016 “playlist” in April.  Debbie’s birthday is Monday the 25th of April and we’d forgotten about ATW when we discovered that a really amazing party/dance band would be playing at a local club on Friday night, 22 April.  Without giving ATW a second thought, we were ready for pen & ink the night of the 22nd at SuBourdon’s as there would definitely been a great time had by all!!  So, now we’re struggling with competing priorities in that as much as we’d like to have a great time out dancing, we really want to visit Huntsville and get in an early tandem weekend with what I’m sure will be a bunch of familiar faces.  Moreover, the following weekend will be a four-day trip to Panama City Beach with plenty of dancing and good times.  Decisions, decisions.
  • Rear View Mirrors Revisited:  We received a note from our friend Diane at Hubbub Cycles up in Ohio a few weeks back wherein in addition to seeing if we might be able to make it over to Ridgeland, Mississippi, for a tandem rally on 1-3 April, she also mentioned that they’d updated their Hubbub rear view mirrors.
    • Ridgeland Tandem Rally: Wow, talk about conflicted. As much as we’d love to meet up with Brian & Diane at the Ridgeland tandem rally in early April, it’d be a stretch for us for a variety of reasons.  It’s not completely out of the question just yet, but it’s probably a long shot.  We’ll have to see how March plays out first and then maybe, just maybe, we’ll figure out how to make it work.  We’ve just go so many things going on this year that would demand Debbie’s precious vacation time.
    • Hubbub Mirrors:  Diane also mentioned that they’d made some updates to their fantastic rear-view bicycle mirrors that we first reviewed in the spring of 2011.  At that time and still today I’d say the Hubbbub mirrors are simply the best rear-view mirrors for bicyclists that you’ll find.   In fact, our now 5-year old Hubbub mirrors — which still retain most of the key design and material properties of the current design offering — are still full serviceable with very little wear and tear showing.  In fact, the only thing that shows any signs of wear is the plastic coating on the wire section that forms the helmet mount.  Today I made a point of addressing that bygiving our 5-year old mirrors a “dip” in Plastic Dip to refresh the coating and to cover the bear wire that was just now starting to peak through the original Plastic coat covering.  20160306_122929I noted that the new mirrors seemed to use a less pliable, paint-like coating that didn’t seem to work as well as the thicker Plastic coat on the older mirrors and addressed that by giving the new mirror a “dip” as well.  The photo above is after both of our now vintage Hubbub mirrors had been ‘refreshed” and the new mirror was sporting a double-layer of the coating.  Just a great mirror and the only once worth considering if you’re more into cycling safe vs. the vanity thing that suggests mirrors are only for Freds.  Yeah, well… let me suggest that you try driving or riding a motorcycle without a rear-view mirror before assuming that the same technology doesn’t provide huge benefits to cyclists.

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  1. John Thurston says:

    Your link to the 2011 post is actually a link to the admin page for editing the post.

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