Tandem Cycle Works & Tandem Bicycle Tours: A Changing of the Guard

I received a nice note from Lynn Dexter who, along with her husband Patrick Gibbons, opened the Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado back in 1996 — about the same time that Debbie and I entered the tandem cycling world.  We’ve shared notes on a variety of different topics over the past 20 years so it’s always good to hear from them.

However, this time it was some really big news that I wasn’t aware of: they sold the Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado to Kevin & Stephanie McCutcheon, a couple who have been tandem cycling since 1999.  I must have been asleep at mccutcheonthe wheel as I truly was not aware of this so congrats to both couples for achieving major life and career milestones!  It’s good to know that Tandem Cycle Works will continue to serve the tandem cycling communities needs under the watchful care of Kevin & Stephanie.

As for Lynn & Patrick, they began participating in tandem tours for their vacations and after several years found themselves developing and leading their own tandem cycling tours as time would allow given the needs of running the tandem shop.  The decision to sell their brick & mortar tandem shop — one of only three that I know of in the US — was driven by a desire to focus their attention on their new endeavor, Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.30.03 AM

As an example of what type of tours they’re offering to clients, here’s a link to the Southern Italy Tour that still has a few openings:  The two-week tour of Puglia, Calabria and Basilicata begins on May 14 in Naples and visits the best of the “foot” of the Italian peninsula with stops in Maratea, Matera, Lecce, Alberbello, and more.

In terms of their tour philosophy, they believe teams should ride at their own pace, stop when they wish and explore as they desire. They are on the road with you and while they will know where you are, you are free to ride at your own level of comfort and enjoyment. They often have 2 night stays in charming towns, so no need to pack up every day. Their tours are small and intimate with just 12-15 couples. The Southern Italy tour is certain to be truly delightful and memorable, as our guide Giovanni is Italian and he especially enjoys our visits to his homeland.

For more information send an Email to Lynn and Patrick: TandemDoc@me.com



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