Weather: Thankful Ours Is Not Any Worse

As I looked at the extended forecast with an eye towards cycling either on or off-road during the latter part of our Christmas holiday break from work my initial I started to get a bit frustrated by all of the ‘bad weather’ in our forecast.  While it was good enough from a road cycling standpoint, the off-road trails near our home scheduled to re-open on January 1st — having been closed since Halloween — would now remain closed until they dried-out…. perhaps a week or so later assuming we don’t get any more rain.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.26.39 AM

However, as I looked at the weather across the nation and all of the natural disaster reports coming in from tornados, flood damage and now snow and ice I realized how fortunate we are to have weather that really wasn’t all that bad for early winter.

Our thoughts and prayers definitely go out to the folks who are being most impacted by the weather events of the past few weeks, never mind the fires, mudslides and other calamities that have visited on their communities.

So, patiently wait for the wet weather to pass and then throw on the tights, long-sleeve jerseys and jackets so we can get in a couple road rides over the weekend, starting off our new year on the right pedals so to speak!


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