Tis the Season…

… for social gatherings, grandkid’s choral concerts, holiday shopping, year-end deadlines, cycling, motorcycling, juggling schedules to make it all work and writer’s block.  Yup, I just can’t seem to get focused on my journals. So, this will be a few photo highlights of this past weekend.

Last Tuesday & Caroline’s Christmas Choral Concert

Although outside of my usual weekend reporting window, it bears mentioning that we had an opportunity to enjoy our granddaughter Caroline’s elementary school choral concert this past Tuesday evening.  Sorry, no photos from the event as we were just lucky to find Debbie a seat on the very far edge of the filled-to-capacity auditorium.  However, as a point of reference, Caroline is the one on the left below (age 9) with her younger sister Charlotte (Age 7) on the right and in the middle in our daughter-in-law Julie’s lap is Vivian (16 months).  Yes, we just love that photo!  They’re all so lovely and mostly smiling at the same time, in spite of the bright white sand making our blue-eyed girls Charlotte and Vivian squint.


It was an enjoyable concert, albeit a bit unusual for me in that it was something of a Karaoke concert where pre-recorded professional orchestra music was used as a foundation for the very large choral contribution of the 100+ student on the risers.  As the event came to an end and the families collected their children and departed we were finally able to meet up with Caroline and then took her to join up with her mom, dad and sisters who were at the far side of the auditorium with Julie’s parents, Patrick and Belva.   It was a lovely evening and I’m glad we were able to attend together.

Wednesday Night

Wednesday night was a bit like an early Christmas for me.  My long-awaited exhaust system for Blue II — our new-to-us Road King CVO — arrived and I was determined to get it installed before calling it a night, even after not getting home until 7:45pm.

20151209_212314  20151209_231330

Thursday Night

With the exhaust system installed, I now needed to load a new calibration map into the motorcycle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to tweak the air/fuel ratios and other engine values to compensate for the less restrictive air flow through the Fullsac System.

20151210_212704 20151210_213040

Finally a Friday

Friday seemed like it would never come.  As always, we headed over to Loco Willy’s where we enjoyed some wonderful food, great friends and had a good time.  Pretty sure we were both very tired and called it a night somewhat on the early side.  Sadly, no photos.


My original plan for Saturday was to get up and out early for a bicycle ride.  However, as late as 8:30am it was still foggy, damp and not all that inviting so I worked on inside projects instead, biding my time until the sun cut through the haze a bit later.



The weather did, in fact, break and I had a lovely late morning ride.  I believe I was gone for about an hour and a half and covered about 25 miles. Not an epic ride by any stretch, but it was a lot more mileage that I’d been getting on any recent weekends so I was very happy to have had the chance to be out on the road again.

20151212_120251However, much to my chagrin, when I finished the ride I was somewhat surprised that my average speed seemed a lot lower than it would normally be even for those times when I’ve not been riding and don’t have my legs.  As I went to put my bicycle back in the garage I was surprised to find that the front wheel didn’t want to roll. Well son-of-a-gun if that front wheel hadn’t gotten cockeyed in the front drop-outs and was rubbing up against the right brake and fork leg for most of my ride.  You can see some of the brake pad material that was worn-off during the ride on the front of the fork in the photo at left: Brilliant!

After finishing up my bicycle ride, I visited with Debbie back at the house for a few moments and as she headed off to get her hair done I headed over to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta to get our new-to-us Road King signed-up for the same Extended Service Plan (ESP) that I’d just put on our first Road King 10 days before the motorist ran into us in Daytona Beach.  With just 2,400 miles on the odometer, I’m thinking the 5-year / unlimited mileage ESP will have a good chance of paying for itself over the life of the plan. We had just under 18,000 miles on Blue I when she was put out to pasture and I see no reason why we won’t log as many miles each year on Blue II as we did on Blue I.  Regardless, it’s good have the piece of mind knowing that if the bike does breakdown we ‘should’ be covered for the cost of most repairs.

Our plans for Saturday night were modified slightly as Debbie and I felt compelled to attend my work-related Christmas Dinner Party in nearby Acworth, Georgia.  We’re still waiting for our holiday portraits taken at the dinner to arrive, but you can get a hint of how lovely Miss Debbie was in her long, white tunic sweater that extended down to her knees with lovely long slits up the sides.  She had black leggings on underneath and some stunning black heels and a stylish black belt to complete the ensemble.  I was in black denim pants with a black leather vest over a white cotton shirt with a black camel hair sportcoat and my hair back in a ponytail.  Yeah, that garnered a few comments.

Anyway, as you can deduce from the photo, we ended up at Loco Willy’s for a nightcap after the dinner.  It just seemed like the right thing to do, although I did my best to sell Debbie on the idea of hitting Henry’s Taste of Louisiana for our nightcap to no avail.



20151213_120324Highlights from Sunday included another late morning bicycle ride for yours truly while Debbie did a few things around the house and then headed out to get groceries.

I spent the post-noon time hour cutting the yard and composing the fallen leaves with the mower, perhaps the last time I’ll need to do that this year.

After Debbie returned from shopping we did something we’ve been looking forward to ever since our little collision in Daytona and that was getting back on the Harley together for a short trip over to Loco Willy’s for our Sunday wing fix.


Debbie was wearing her new, pink half-helmet with flip-up visor and was quite happy with that.  However, she wasn’t all that excited about the footboards so let’s just say the jury is out on that count.  But, we did have a very nice lunch at Locos even though we never made it to a seat at the bar: too many irregular football fans.  After lunch we rode around a bit more and it felt GREAT!  Looking forward to our next road trip and even a return to Daytona Beach is less than 100 days!


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