Who Turned Off The Heat?! It’s Too Cold Too Soon!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.27.01 PMYou know it’s cold when you have to turn-off the water that feeds your exterior hose bibs.  Yes indeed, our temps are headed down to the low 20°F’s over night and it’s not even Thanksgiving!  Therefore, “Cold” sums up the weekend, as the cold front began moving in on Friday and kept our highs in the mid-40°F’s on Saturday and Sunday.

As much as we wanted to, a tandem bike ride just wasn’t in the cards for us this weekend as Debbie no longer enjoys sucking cold air into her lungs; hey, she’s a Georgia Peach!  emotionrollersWhile I grew up playing in the snow, skiing, skating and riding snowmobiles Debbie was enjoying mild winters and never developed those chill-hardened lungs that us Yankees have.  Seriously, I can remember being in Chicago during March when the weather seemed warm enough to wash the car, only to find myself slipping on the ice that formed on the shady side of the car. Therefore, I’m thinking it’s probably time to get her set up on the trainer in the exercise room and I might be doing likewise.  We gotta get our legs spinning this winter; sitting out is just not an option if we want to participate in any group rides next year! All that said, we still had a full weekend, even if it didn’t include any two-wheel joy.


For me, the weekend began on Friday as it was a work-from-home / every-other week off.  I had a little work to do in the morning, but spent the better part of the morning scanning in documents and bills associated with Debbie’s medical treatments and damage to the motorcycle.  redeyedburger3501Around 9:30am I headed out to run some errands and ended the morning by meeting my sweetie for lunch at The Red Eyed Mule, something we hadn’t done since October 2nd.  It felt great checking off another “return to normal” milestone on our recovery path.  BTW, if anyone’s looking for the best-tasting burger in Atlanta, Jake’s Big Daddy cooked medium rare. Still amazing!!

After lunch I headed over to Harley-Davidson of Atlanta so I could talk to the service advisors, Kelly and Ray, about exhaust systems and Extended Service Plans before I made a decision on both things for the 2013 CVO Road King that will be replacing our original 2013 CVO Road King, Blue, as State Farm has finally determined as did GEICO that the cost of repairs hit the threshold for a total loss.  It turns out, the Extended Service Plan wasn’t transferable to a new bike as told by the business manager back on October 29th.  However, it can be cancelled and the pro-rated balance of the cost can be refunded so we’ll recoup most of our $2,680.00 expense and can then apply it towards an ESP for the replacement Road King, Blue II.  Also, based on what I learned from Kelly, I went ahead and ordered a new Fullsac exhaust system when I returned home.  I also knocked out a few chores around the house, changed our trash collection service to a local company and did a little work on the replacement Road King before Debbie came home around 5:45pm.

20151120_184626 As on all Friday nights, we headed off to Loco Willy’s for our Finally a Friday celebration.  Our friend David was out-of-town, but Deb came out and we also had a full cast of regulars on hand to make the evening interesting.  Most interesting of all was our meal, as we skipped the 1/2 price fajitas and had the blackened Cod, shrimp and vegetable medley, an off-the-menu special that was out-of-this-world delicious.  We then learned that Charles had just finished cooking up a batch of Brunswick Stew and that’s what we had for dessert!


It was a grand time, but we decided to head home afterwards for some much needed rest.  My sleeping patterns are all screwed up at the moment and Debbie still needed a lot of rest, so being “in” instead of “out” for the evening was a good thing.


For those who didn’t read or take notice in my last blog entry, I was successful with my road trip to Florida in search of an identical twin to our 2013 CVO Road King back on November 6th. I covered all of the details of the epic one-day journey in my other blog in a post weekend entry I hammered out on November 8th.

As mentioned, there were three of them up for sale within about 4-5 hours of each other: two were owned by private owners who put less than 800 miles on the bikes, whereas the third had 2,400 miles and was a trade-in on a sports car being offered up by a dealership.  I opted to go for the least expensive bike — the one with 2,400 miles — since all three of the bikes were a heck of a lot more fresh than ours had been with nearly 18,000 miles on the odometer when it was TKO’d.   The photo below shows the bike I ended up buying loaded up and ready for the 840 mile drive back to Atlanta where it would get transformed into “our” CVO Road King.

The point in bringing this up is that the replacement bike has been sitting in limbo ever since I brought it home, pending State Farm’s decision on repair or total loss.  During the past week it became pretty clear that State Farm had determined the bike was a total loss so I felt pretty confident that I could finally start to transform the replacement bike into “our” Road King.

When Debbie told me that she planned to go and visit with her mother for the better part of the day — noting it was still hovering in the mid-40*F temp range — I decided that would be as good of a time as any to start installing all of the upgraded parts and accessories I’d removed from our first 2013 CVO Road King back on October 31st onto the replacement bike. So, what all did that entail?  Gluttons for punishment and equipment geeks can read the entire blog entry, but the following ‘info-graphic’ summarizes the list of the 21 ‘things’ that were either changed or added to our original Road King and, in turn, the replacement bike on Saturday.

There had also been a few parts that I swapped-out between the new and old CVO Road Kings with a visit to the salvage yard on November 9th and, well, there are actually a few parts like the Fullsac exhaust system, Motolights and custom saddle work that are still in work.


Debbie returned home around 5:00pm and was really worn-out from a full day visiting with her mother; let’s just say there’s a lot going on there too.  As is the norm for a Saturday night, we got cleaned up and headed over to Loco Willy’s for some more of the Brunswick stew we’d had on Friday night and also split an order of Charles’ amazing smoked ribs with the Korean BBQ sauce.  It was fall-off-of-the-bone delicious, even better than what you’ll find at places who do nothing but BBQ as their specialty.  After dinner we talked about heading over to a holiday event at Brewster’s being hosted by our friend Rick Cope, but Debbie was simply wiped out, still struggling with her sore ribs from the October 16th accident and just looking to relax and enjoy some college football in the quiet comfort of our living room.  Apparently, I was also pretty tired as I’m told that I fell asleep not more than 15 minutes after putting my recliner back.  This was around 8:00pm and I didn’t wake up until almost 2:30am.


Sunday was another cold morning that definitely slowed us down a bit.  Debbie wanted to tackle some house cleaning and I wanted to finish up working on the replacement Road King in the garage.  However, what I needed to do — changing what were likely the 3-year old fluids in the bike — required firing up the engine and letting it run for a while so the lubricants could heat up before I drained them and with the exhaust system being un-muffled that had to wait until 9:00am.  Well, there was plenty to do in the house, mostly paperwork associated with the insurance claims and sending off an Email to our lawyer to update him on the events of the past week: he’s just making sure we don’t inadvertently release GEICO’s client from personal injury liability before we’re truly identified and resolved the resultant issues.

As 9:00am rolled around I headed out to the garage to make some noise and then change some fluids.  The engine got a fresh fill of Mobil 1 V-Twin synthetic oil and a new filter, although the oil that came out of the engine looked as though it had probably been changed back when the bike was traded-in in February.  However, the transmission looked to have the same fluid that was put in when the engine was built in June of 2012.  It got a fresh fill of Redline Transmission Lube.  The primary drive looked to have 3+ year old fluid also got the Redline treatment.

20151122_170319 20151121_173359

I’m considering a new battery as the original one just seems to be marginal at best.  It’s been able to crank the bike over every time I’ve tried, but there have been moments when I wasn’t sure if it had enough cold cranking power to get the job done. As for the long cranking, I’m guessing the 1.2 gallons of gasoline in the tank is what’s been in there since the bike was taken in trade in February 2015.  Given that the bike is not yet ready for the road, I put some Sea Foam Fuel Treatment in the gas tank to take care of the old fuel until I can ride it over to a gas station for a fresh fill of the 91 octane.

Around 11:00am I headed over to Costco to look at LCD TVs and to stop by the local Harley-Davidson dealership to pick up a few small parts for the new bike.  It was a pretty day, but there was no way I was going to be able to coax by sweetie out for a tandem bicycle ride with the temps still in the mid-40’s and the wind blowing.  But, I was able to coax her out for lunch at Loco Willy’s.  Yup, three-for-three.

However, instead of getting our traditional hot wing fix we decided to try their Reuben Toothpicks (aka, a chimichanga), where the chicken or steak & nacho cheese stuffing inside the flour tortilla is replaced with smoked pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut before they’re deep-fried with thousand island dressing for dipping instead of ranch dressing.  Very tasty but very filling.  Neither one of us bothered to have any dinner as remained full from lunch well into the evening. A couple handfuls of popcorn were all we needed during Sunday Night Football to get us through the evening.

That was about it.  There was a lot of ‘other stuff’ that went on including a pretty heavy dose of on-line shopping (exhaust systems & passenger floor boards for Blue II, some new boots for Miss Debbie and some boot candy to dress up the boots she already has) ahead of the holidays.  Yes, Miss Debbie is covered for Christmas already and, well, so am I.  In fact, we’re probably both covered through Christmas 2020!  Hey, life’s too short and there are no guarantees!  Here’s to enjoying today while still preparing the future!

Oh, and speaking of the holidays, it’s looking like we’ll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday close to home and will be in town for Christmas day. However, assuming the Godzilla of El Nino’s doesn’t bring us a nasty dose of winter weather we’re thinking we’ll head up to Pennsylvania on December 26th for a couple days and be back at home the night of the 29th and spend 5 days enjoying the rest of our holiday break before jumping back into the work thing on January 4th.  With any luck at all, we’ll get in a little tandem bicycle and motorcycle riding on those 5 days!


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