So What Happened in October?

Wow, no updates since September 30th; what’s up with that?  

Well, I wish it was just a simple case of being too busy having a great time at the Southern Tandem Rally, the back-to-back motorcycle rally weekends down at Daytona and Panama City Beaches, Halloween and other fun stuff with a lot of tandem riding squeezed in between but, sadly, that’s not the case.

If you follow our motorcycling blog, Riding Two Up, this will come as old news by now. However, for those who only read our tandem cycling blog here’s the deal: an inattentive motorist traveling in the same direction on a two-lane road turned left from the right lane into us while we were riding our motorcycle in Daytona Beach during Biketoberfest.

For those who are interested, you can read a summary of the collision and the aftermath on our other blog in the entry entitled, “Although we never made it to dinner”…. The Reader’s Digest version goes like this:

  • Friday evening while riding on a two-lane, one-way street in the left-hand lane, a motorist just ahead of us in the right lane decided to turn left into the Walgreens parking lot on our side of the road.

  • Due to the Properties of Matter whereby two objects cannot occupy the same space simultaneously, our motorcycle impacted the side of the car at an oblique angle at a closing speed of about 20-25 mph. 
  • We were very fortunate in that we were able to keep the motorcycle mostly upright during the collision.
  • Miss Debbie was treated by paramedics at the scene and taken to the ER via ambulance for further treatment. My injuries appeared to me to be only of the soft tissue variety;  this was not my first rodeo so I have some experience when it comes to being hit by a bull.  Bottom Line: it could have been much worse.
  • Friends assisted us in getting Miss Debbie and our motorcycle back to Georgia on Saturday.
  • We have been on the mend ever since, with several follow-up appointments for Debbie.
  • Our motorcycle didn’t look all that bad at first glance, but frame damage made it a write-off.
  • We’re doing our best to return to “normal” but as you’d expect, these things take time.
  • We suspect the added stress of the event and follow-on activities with insurance companies, attorneys and the like gave me a bonus prize: an outbreak of Shingles.

We’re trying our level best to remain thankful that we didn’t have any life-threatening or serious injuries with life-altering consequences. However, at the same time, we’re feeling as though fate has snatched away what was to be an amazing October of cycling and motorcycling. The Southern Tandem Rally was a wash-out due to Hurricane Joaquin, our four-day mini-vacation in Daytona lasted 27 hours and a second four-day mini-vacation in Panama City Beach the following weekend had to be cancelled. There’s got to be a silver lining somewhere, but we’ve not yet found it and are still looking!

So, how’s the Calfee ride with the new drive train?

20151004_122813No idea, it rained every weekend leading up to our Daytona trip and while we’d hoped we’d have the time, weather and energy to get out for a short ride this past weekend it never came to pass. We eagerly await our return to the tandem and perhaps this coming weekend will provide us with an opportunity. The tandem looks great with the new components; well, OK. It looks like it has new component as it’s hard to top the Campy levers for classic styling and the Ultegra levers are anything but subtle or classic. Like I said, can’t wait to try it all out, as I’m expecting the performance will make up for the lack of aesthetically pleasing lines.

Do You Still Have That Triplet? Do You Ever Ride It?

Yes we do and no we don’t. Want to buy it? Seriously though, the Georgia Tandem Rally & Southern Tandem Rally are the two times when we typically get a chance to pull down the triplet from the rafters and ride with our friend Lisa.   Seeing as the Southern Tandem Rally was a wash-out — and frankly, even before that there were logistical challenges that would have prevented us from taking the triplet along to Richmond – the triplet hasn’t been on the road since late May. I know there are a few folks who might be interested in it, but still need to clear a potential sell-off of the long bike with Miss Debbie. She has visions of us riding it with our granddaughters but I’m just not seeing that same image. They’re too busy riding horses, doing ballet and Lord knows what little Miss Vivian will get into. So, if I get a green light it may be offered up to folks who previously expressed an interest. No, it won’t be ‘cheap’ but it’s a pretty awesome machine… and that’s probably why we keep holding on to it. Did I mention how much we like bikes???

So, Has the Month of October Been A Total Downer?

Absolutely not! Life is Good!!!

Yes, we missed out on STR, but we also enjoyed a great weekend here at home, overhauled the Calfee’s drive train, joined friends for a house-warming and monthly breakfast gathering, grabbed dinner at Henry’s Taste of Louisiana, got in a lot of good rest and prep time for our upcoming trip down to Daytona.

Debbie had a chance to sit with all three granddaughters on the weekend after the washed-out STR and we had some really great, impromptu fun with friends on a Friday night that went well into Saturday morning.   I also did quite a bit of big-bike pre-flight maintenance, knocked out yard work and made a new post for our mailbox: nothing like cutting into some cedar to remind you of how nice it is to make something with your hands. More details in our other blog entry entitled Getting Ready for Daytona… Four Wake-Ups To Go.

The ride down to Daytona on October 15th and our first night in town was fantastic. Most of the trip is covered in another blog entry entitled, Biketoberfest 2015… A Shorter Trip Than Originally Planned.

We rode down with our friends Chuck & Julie and met four more friends at Flagler beach who had arrived earlier in the day. After dinner our friends David & Deb joined the crew. Saturday was also pretty excellent. In fact, it was more than excellent. We had a 5 mile walk on the beach, visited with our friend Misty and played ‘dress up Barbie” with Miss Debbie at Skips before heading off to meet with our friends at Destination Daytona and Houligans for the afternoon.

Yes, Friday night was awful, beyond awful. It was a nightmare. But, the way people on the street came to our aid in a time of need and the professionalism of the first responders really made me feel good about people in general. We even had a good time on the trip home, noting that Debbie was feeling no pain given after being on her meds for the past 15 hours: they made her quite chatty and chipper while masking all of her discomfort. I still got in a 450 mile ride home on my friends bike and while I would have preferred to have Debbie with me on the bike, it was better for me to be on the bike than being a passenger in our friend’s truck. We finished up the day at Loco Willy’s and had a grand time being entertained by the very medicated and animated Miss Debbie.

While the following week was one that found me running Debbie between follow-up appointments and dealing with insurance claims calls while working from home in between the visits and calls, it was good to spend time with Debbie making sure she was feeling loved and cared for. Sometimes the emotional damage from these incidents and the side effects of the medications can be as bad as the physical harm. However, the love and concern that we received from all of our friends – including friends who were dealing with their own family emergencies – was overwhelming. We truly do have some wonderful and caring friends. Now, to be fair, we did keep the story under wraps for about a week so that we’d have time to bring our own families up to speed and to make sure we knew how we were during those 3-4 critical days that follow a major accident.

Debbie was able to return to work mid-way through the following week and Halloween gave her a much-needed distraction where she was able to dress up in costume for work, albeit somewhat scaled back from the original plan by excluding applying green make-up to her face. She also had a chance to enjoy Caroline’s first horse show and of course seeing the girls dressed up for Halloween.

debbie_witch IMG_2068


Sadly, November began with me pulling all of the aftermarket parts off of our soon to be hauled-off to salvage 2013 Road King CVO. I spent the better part of Halloween day and Sunday, November 1st, replacing custom color-matched parts and other accessories from “Blue” that I’d be able to put on what will hopefully be an identical twin 2013 Road King CVO. More details in our other blog entry entitled De-Modifying Blue Before She Goes to Salvage.

On Friday I’ll be making a whirlwind, 840-mile round trip drive to Florida where I hope to close the deal on one of three low-mileage, Sapphire Blue 2013 Road King CVOs. There were two bikes with under 700 miles for sale that we found along with another that has 2,375 miles. While the low-mileage bikes were the most desirable at first blush, the cost difference made the somewhat higher mileage bike far more attractive. Fingers crossed, it will be “as stated” and in like new condition. I’m somewhat hopeful that because it’s being offered by a high-end specialty car and motorcycle shop where they would have a good eye for detail and trained detailers on staff who will have already taken care of any issues with the finish. Again, with any luck we’ll have our replacement bike at home by Friday night. Here’s hoping the settlement on our other bike will more than cover everything.

So, looking ahead and being positive!


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  1. John and Sonya says:

    Best wishes, and get well soon!

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