Still Waiting To Hear About the Calfee & Lost Keys….

The tandem was delivered to Calfee by FedEx on Friday afternoon around 2:30pm, according to their tracking system.  With any luck perhaps we’ll get the initial prognosis early this week. Given that we’ll be out-of-town next weekend, we’re not biting our nails. However, we do have the next PEACHES ride on September 13th out in Madison, Georgia, so fingers crossed… we’ll have it back by Friday the 11th so I can build it back up early on Saturday morning, take it out for a shake-down on Saturday late morning ahead of Sunday’s ride.  Time will tell…   Shipping is likely the long pole in the tent, as always.

As far as any riding around here, I was able to get out for what turned out to be quite a few off-road miles on Friday afternoon.  I’d had my usual off-Friday morning errands to run and met Debbie for lunch at The Red Eye’s Mule.  My to-do list was down to two items: wash the BMW R1100S and go for a bike ride.  Well, given that the headlight for the BMW still isn’t even due into the warehouse in Germany until September 3rd (it’s been on order since early July, noting that I’ve received and had to return two defective headlights since 8 July) getting the BMW all prettied back up before pressing her back into service for my daily commute to work still is anything by an urgent need.  That moves go for a bike ride to the top of the list and by golly, that’s what I was going to do with my afternoon.

20150828_145656I think I left the house around 2:00 and was on the trail by 2:30. I rode the 5.5 mile Turtle Back Loop & Spur and then rode the 7 miles that make up the Mason’s Bridge/Bluff loop with its various connectors.  I stopped twice to take phone calls and once to grab a selfie with one of the two Triceratops toy dinosaurs, noting both of them had moved since my last visit.


I must say, the older of the two toys that found their way onto our local trails was looking pretty sad.  The fabric covering her tail had come off and I did my best to hang it back on and tuck it in to keep it in place. However, she was missing the horn on her nose and most of the fabric around her nose; oh, what a pity.  But, it’s still a lot of fun to encounter these things so my thanks to whoever it is that brought them to our trail and who keeps it interesting by moving them around.

It had been a great day on the trail… right up and until I got back to my truck and discovered my keys had gone missing from my Camelbak out there on the 7 miles that make up the Mason Bridge/Spur loop.  No, no hidden key on the truck either.  I’d removed it for some other purpose a long time ago and never put it back.  The ride home wouldn’t be all that bad: it’s about 4 miles.  Of course, getting home didn’t do me any good since the house key was on the same key ring that I’d lost with my truck keys; doh!

Since I’d have time to kill — noting I’d be waiting until 5:30 or so when Debbie got home to get into the house — and although something of a fool’s errand, I went ahead and re-rode the Mason Bridge/Spur loop at a much slower pace and with my eyes glued to the ground, scanning for black plastic FOB shaped objects and shiny keys.  Let me first say, riding these trails slowly sure as heck seemed like a lot more work than riding them at a normal clip.  Looking for a set of keys on 7 miles of single track is definitely right up there with the old ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’.  There were a couple of places where I thought I had been jostled pretty well on the loop where my keys went missing, but even an off-the-bike search of those spots yielded nothing.  So, having failed in my fool’s errand, I pointed my Dean Scout towards home for the 4 mile road ride on off-road tires.

Let me just say, my hats off to the folks who get out there on the road with their mountain bikes.  I’d forgotten just how much drag knobbies on asphalt generate.  No kidding, that 4 mile ride home was as much or more work than either of the two loops I’d ridden on earlier.  But, that said, I made it home around 5:15 and the lovely Miss Debbie arrived home around 5:50, so I enjoyed some quiet time on the breezeway which was nice.

Friday night was the usual: fajitas at Loco Willy’s.  Afterwards we headed over to Brewsters Bar & Grill where we met with our motorcycling friends and had a grand old time, as best as I can remember.  Debbie was tea-totaling for the evening and the designated driver, so no worries there, eh?

As far as any other cycling this weekend, while Debbie had hinted she might be willing to throw a leg over the Ventana and head to the trails, we were scheduled to celebrate our youngest granddaughter’s — Vivian Rose — birthday from 11:00am until 1:00pm.  Yeah, well, in that we were also helping to get things picked up and delivered to the affair, the morning was all but consumed so no time for a bike ride then.  While I excused myself a little early so that I could get some new keys made, Debbie stayed on until 3:00pm helping with the clean-up.  So, that pretty much ruled out an afternoon off-road tandem ride or a road ride on the singles as she was pretty tired by the time all was said and done.

20150830_133607Sunday was literally a wash-out, as it rained all morning… saturating the trails.   When our trails are wet, our trails are closed.  As for any hope of an afternoon ride, by the time we made our afternoon trip to Loco Willy’s for hot wings, any hope of getting back home and hitting the road had also been dashed as we stopped to visit with a friend at the local Harley dealership and before we knew it, it was pushing 4:00pm by the time we rolled in the driveway back at home.  With grocery shopping and other honey-do’s still yet to be accomplished before Sunday became Monday, that was all she wrote.

So, we’ll look forward to hearing something about the tandem this week and hopefully it will get fixed and be sent on its way back home by the end of this coming week, which would put it in my hands by the middle of next week.  That would be a good thing!

More to follow…


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