New Old Stock Helmets!!! No, You Won’t Notice Anything Different….

After our ride on Saturday I decided it was time to retire our Limar 951 helmets as they’ve been in use since 2007. Some of my helmet padding was beginning to delaminate and Debbie’s straps and brow padding had been washed about as many times as they could stand.  So, what did I replace them with?  Limar 951’s!


Yup, back when I found the Limar 951’s I liked them so much and the sale price was so attractive that I’ve had a second pair tucked away on the top shelf of the closet in their original boxes.  So, don’t expect us to be sporting a new look, as we’re simply wearing brand new, new old stock (NOS) versions of the exact same helmets we’ve been wearing.

As to concerns about the “age” of the helmets, given how they’ve been stored in a very climate controlled environment with almost zero temperature and humidity fluctuation (72°F – 80°F @ 35% – 45% humidity) and no UV light exposure, they should be able to provide all of their shock absorbing characteristics as well as they did when then were made in June 2006. Yes, they have born-on-dating.

It was nice slipping on brand new helmets that fit and felt just like the ones we retired for Sunday’s ride.  It was one of those things where any differences were so minor that within five minutes of putting on the new helmets we were both completely dialed-in to the new lids.

I was also able to cannibalize the two helmets that were being retired to come up with one helmet that we can offer up to our guest stoker / tail gunner on the triplet since she really, really, really likes to have matching apparel. Her helmet is white and our Limar 951’s have a faux carbon look, so we’ve been anything but a match over the past several years.  With the new 951’s called-up for duty and the “spare” helmet, I think we’ll finally have that “team look” that Lisa really enjoys.


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