The Unambiguous Tread Wear Indicator….

This is why you check your tires before every ride…

DSCN1267 DSCN1268

…especially if you’re someone like me who likes to get the full life out of a set of tires!   Yes, I knew it was getting close to the end of the line given how squared-off the rear tire tread had become.  So, a post or pre-ride spin of the rear wheel to look for that tell-tale “tread wear indicator” that signals when it’s time to replace the tire becomes standard operating procedure (SOP).

DSCN1269So, it really wasn’t a major surprise when I found the tire’s casing peeking out from a gap when the tread had been worn through this morning while attending to a few other minor tandem maintenance tasks.  Fortunately, I’ve always got plenty of spare tires on hand since I tend to stock up when I find the tires I like on sale and given the kind of money they’re asking for tires these days you need to shop the sales!

As for the other maintenance, turns out that I left that sync chain on a little too long and found that the pulling teeth on the timing rings were a bit worn to the point where the new chain’s pitch was just a little too short for the elongated teeth and making a “grinding” noise on hard climbs: that would be the chain catching the tips of the teeth as the chain exited the front chain ring.  So, a quarter turn of the timing rings should present the chain with some un-worn teeth and eliminate the noise.  If not, then the front timing ring goes to the rear and the rear timing ring goes to the front.  Yeah, well…  25k miles on those rings so no complaints for that kind of 1/2 life.

The other tweak was to the front White Industry hub. For some reason I find that the White Industry hubs tend to develop a ticking that seems to be related to the axle end-cap & grub screw retaining system.  I had the same noise on our Rolf’s (whose hubs were made by White Ind) and on two other wheelsets with White Ind hubs.  The temporary fix is to remove the end caps, clean and then reassemble with a little bit of Loctite which keeps them quiet for a few months.  Once the clicking returns, remove and repeat.

Looking forward to a nice Mothers Day ride with my sweetie here in a few! Hope everyone else was able to enjoy some time with their loved ones today!



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