New Colors for Team LGood in 2015

Well, seeing that we’ve not been able to take advantage of our North Atlanta Road Club (NARC) membership for the past few years and never wear our Tour de Cure Team Jerseys except on the day of the event (they’re usually pretty awful), I decided to look elsewhere for some fresh jerseys as we enter the 2015 riding season.

Folks who have been with us at rallies in 2013 and 2014 may recall seeing our pretty obnoxious DrunkCyclist jerseys.

DrunkCyclist is a pen name for a pretty salty urban cyclist / blogger who’s motto is something along the lines of , Bikes, Beer and Boobs… what else is there?  He can be pretty raunchy at times, but it helps to provide a counterpoint to some of the other cycling material I consume, e.g., BicycleQuarterly, BikeRadar, VeloNews, etc… Hey, the cycling community clearly has more tribes than even the motorcycling enthusiast community… if you want to keep a pulse of the entire industry you gotta take the good with the bad.  However, all that said, the DrunkCyclist jersey is pretty awesome: Belgium National Jersey colors (because they make the best beer, right) with some other irreverent icons and, well… “DrunkCyclist” always draws a smile from cyclists and shocks motorists: what could be better.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.05.45 AMSo, the reason I decided to spend a little white space here on the blog talking about our DrunkCyclist jersey was as a segue to the latest addition to our jersey collection.  You see, the DrunkCyclist jersey is an ‘on-demand’ jersey that you can order from Voler as part of their Partner program.  What I LOVE about this is that the Voler apparel is made in the USA! Yes, Voler is an honest to goodness cut and sew business located in Grover Beach, California (near San Luis Obispo):

Anyway, one of the pages I keep an eye on at Facebook is Calfee’s.  I notice they finally began to offer up a new brand jersey, something that we clearly should have in our collection given that we own three of Calfee’s composite bikes.  Low and behold, these weren’t jersey’s that were produced en masse in some Asian or European factory, the Calfee Jersey’s were being offered up through Voler’s Partner program!

Regular readers may recall in my Southern Tandem Rally notice I mentioned I was a Damn Yankee (Northerner who moved to the South and stayed) and might have to wear both blue and grey to the rally in Richmond an an homage to my northern roots as well as my adopted home in the heart of Dixie.  Well, that was merely fore shadowing the new Calfee jerseys being produced for us as we speak by the good folks at Voler in Grover Beach, California:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.02.45 AM

Now, we’ll most likely be wearing these while riding our non-Calfee triplet with our awesome tail gunner Lisa D at both the Georgia Tandem Rally and Southern Tandem Rally.  But it’s fair to say, we’ll be looking good!

You can see all of the various Voler Partner jerseys at their Website:

Pretty cool stuff.  We tend to stick with things that have some meaning to us, but I will say that if I was to ever buy some jerseys from a shop I’ve never been to, it would be this jersey from Blacktop Cyclery in Bakersfield, California:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.41.36 AM


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