A Short Ride Is Better Than No Ride and the Annual PEACHES Planning Event

gloomyAfter finding time to get in a short ride with Debbie on our big bike Saturday afternoon with the first 50°F, partly sunny day we’d seen in a long time, I had to settle for gloomy ride in the mid-40’s today.  But, hey; at least it was above 40°F and not raining or snowing! Good enough for me!

Miss Debbie declined my invitation to join me for a tandem ride, hence the 1/2 Calfee sitting in driveway prepped for today’s ride.  However, on the bright side, Debbie was up in the exercise room spinning away on a stationary, CycleOps Fluid2 resistance trainer with a Spinerval DVD playing when I left doing single-leg drills.

This was her 3rd day in a row spinning on her Ritchey Logic in the exercise room and she was pretty jazzed about getting some saddle time, even if it was inside instead of on the road.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.32.03 PMWhich reminds me, I need to go and look at the bar height on her Ritchey: she’d like it a little higher and I’m afraid I’ve maxed it out with the highest-rise 1″ stem that I have on hand. I may have to slip a spacer in there that will be OK for the stationary set-up but a no-no for on-road use.

Yup, the older we get the lower those bars always seem to be when we’ve taken a break from near daily rides.

At 40°F, it was a bib tights + 3 layer top kind of a ride today.  Even with a mesh tank for moisture control, a long-sleeve cycling jersey and arm warmers underneath and a wind vest, my shoulders felt a bit cooler than I would have liked.  If the local off-road trails had been officially open it would have been an ideal day for single track.  However, better to have ridden on a less than perfect day that to not have ridden at all.

In fact, the ride was feeling really good and just about the time I had to make a decision to go longer vs. shorter I remembered that we’d need to leave the house around 4:15PM to be on time for a 5:00PM tandem club social event down along the I-285 perimeter.  Looking at the clock on my Garmin Edge 705, I could see that the only way I’d be home in time to get showered and ready to leave would be to do the shorter, more direct route home.  All-in-all, and given I haven’t been doing much riding, the shorter ride was probably a pretty good call regardless of the social event’s timing. My average speed was pretty mediocre even for a cold day early in the season so it’s not like I was really on top of my game. But, that’s why we try to ride as often as possible, right?

selfie_1Mar15I rolled back into the driveway at about 10 minutes to 4:00PM which gave me just enough time for a selfie and shower before jumping in the truck with Debbie and making the 35-minute drive down to Perimeter Mall and “The Pub” where we’d be meeting with 26 or so other “members” of the Tandem Club of Georgia, aka, PEACHES, for the annual monthly ride planning event.

planningevent_1Mar15The annual ride planning event is about as old as the PEACHES itself, having started as the annual dessert social and planning party hosted by Rich & Ina Wolf at their home on the north side of Atlanta.  There was usually an optional dinner get-together before the dessert social at a nearby Jason’s Deli or Panera Bread Company.  Over the years and following Rich & Ina’s relocation to Southern California, the planning social evolved to a dinner out at a different restaurant on Atlanta’s north side where the ride planning activity would take place after the meals were order, but before the food arrived.  That was the model used for this year’s event.

It was good to see “the usual suspects” and a few other PEACHES regulars along with a few new couples.  Monthly rides were penciled-in for April through December, and on the last call round we picked up the month of March for a possible pop-up ride, in addition to signing up for a June ride and coordinating the annual Christmas Lights ride with our friend Don Dutson and the gang at his shop, Atlanta Cycling in Vinings, Georgia.


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