A Wet Winter = Cycling Drought…

My apologies, I REALLY wish I was writing more about tandems and tandem cycling from a first person perspective.

Our struggle to find weekend days where the weather is conducive to the lovely Miss Debbie have been a lot harder to find than Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow.  Since January we’ve had more than our fair share of cold, damp weekends which has kept us off the tandem and found me up to my neck catching up on home improvement projects, some of which I’ve already mentioned in previous blog entries this winter.

20150225_170136For some added context, as I write this we’re having a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain outside.  It was actually quite lovely a bit earlier in the day, but the temperatures moved back up above 32°F after a nice blanket of snow had fallen and that snow is now being reduced to slush as the temperatures begin to fall back below 32°F… headed for about 29°F overnight.  What that means is, our roads could be a mess tomorrow until around noon time when the temps head back into the 40’s.

20150225_170051So, looking ahead to the weekend, we can only hope that warm temperatures on Thursday and Friday do away with the snow and snow melt run-off so that we can sneak in a short ride on Saturday when the temps are expected to hit the mid-40’s with partly sunny skies before the rain comes back in Saturday night.

Now, if you’ve suffered through my more recent blog entries which looked more like the handyman’s blog than the tandem geek’s blog you probably know that the next project on our hit list was replacing the carpet in our walk-in closet & dressing room with the same rustic Oak solid hardwood flooring that I installed in the adjacent master bath.

Instead of running up and down the stairs to the basement, I opted to move my miter saw into the exercise room next to the closet with my shop vac hooked up to the dust collector chute. I didn’t get as much exercise as I did with the master bath floor project, but both projects were equally hard on my quads and back muscles; all told, about 130 sq ft of flooring went down with about 1,000 flooring nails used.

 10425073_858227334215350_8195556372394557632_n  1655838_858227320882018_9146438324736787428_n


Here are some before and after shots; I think it turned out pretty well. Not as gap-free as I would have liked but the flooring itself had a lot of non-conforming width and warped boards that required some compromises.  Most of the ugly gaps are very hard to find, but I know where they are so they’ll continue to bother me for a while.

DSCN1187   10952655_858524054185678_5011314473547099113_n

DSCN1188  11002597_858524097519007_6669957435748550011_n

DSCN1189   10922658_858524074185676_4831831510944582509_nI’ve had a couple of folks who follow my blog and who we’ve otherwise had long-distance correspondence-based friendship with for many years who were having a hard time tying together how the various rooms and stairways that I’ve either been working on or mentioned are laid-out in our home.  So, given that I had a few extra minutes on my hands tonight I shot a short video walk-through of our master suite, bath, closet and exercise room that ties it all together.

As noted in the closet comment slide on the video:  Yes, the master suite is pretty massive; it accounts for perhaps a third of the heated living space, the rest of which is otherwise rather modest. A large master suite was part of the original plan, but when I added a 3rd bay to the garage I also re-designed the bathroom, closet & “dead space” to make the most out of the additional square footage created over the garage. A back stairway was added so we could get to our bathroom without tracking grime through the house after working in the garage, yard, etc., and also make it a lot easier to move around the house. The master suite and equally large garage are pretty much what has kept us in this home for 23 years; homes with similar features are, well… just too darn big.

Anyway, we were able to break away for a few meals over the weekend to include lunch on Sunday where I honored National Margarita Day with a tall, refreshing glass of frozen delight!  I would have much preferred enjoying that maggie after a 50 mile tandem ride vs. a day and a half of being on my hands and knees or doubled-over installing flooring.


Edit: Weather update. The temps never got down into the below freezing range over night and much of the snow and slush that was on the roads began to melt away even before the sun came up.  I was able to drive to work without any trouble at the usual 5:45am time and folks who waited until 10am to head to work had nearly dry roads.

As a recap of our little brush with snow, I set up one of our GoPro Cameras at 4:30PM yesterday and let it go for 25.5 hours shooting a still frame every 60 seconds. By 6:00PM today it had collected 1537 images. So, here’s our “could have been much worse” winter weather event condensed to 1 minute and 15 seconds. It would have been a lot better if we’d gotten more snow.



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