Georgia Blind Sports Association – Tandem Cycling Program

A few weeks back Sue Buckley from Club Vibes in Knoxville  introduced us to Hal Simpson who is the founder/executive director of Georgia Blind Sports Association (GBSA). The GBSA was founded in 2011 as a 501c3 non-profit working with the visually impaired throughout the state of Georgia. Hal is in the early stages of starting a tandem cycling program and is reaching out to the tandem cycling community for support.

gbsa2 gbsa

GBSA’s is like so many similar organizations in that their success rests on the goodwill and generosity of others who give of their time as volunteers to support activities like the tandem cycling program or with a financial donation to help with the cost of running these programs.

As a little more background on the GBSA, the program and its visually impaired athletes had numerous accomplishments on the local, regional and national levels in 2014, including:

  • GBSA selected as a U.S. Paralympic Sports Club
  • Inaugurated a tandem cycling program for more than 50 blind and sighted athletes
  • Offered Beep Kickball and Beep Baseball to well over 200 youth and adults
  • GBSA chosen to host the 2015 National Goalball Championships
  • And MUCH MORE…

The GBSA accolades in 2014 include:

  • The men’s Atlanta Force Goalball team brought home the Silver Medal at the USABA Goalball National Championship
  • Atlanta Eclipse won the Sportsmanship Award at the Beep Baseball World Series
  • Isaiah Wilcox with the Atlanta Eclipse won the Defensive MVP Award at the  Beep Baseball World Series
  • Hal Simpson was awarded Coach of the Year at the Georgia Disability Sports Award ceremony for the Atlanta Force Goalball Team

As a result of the generous and thoughtful support from donors and volunteers, GBSA continues to be a leading resource in competitive and recreational sports across Georgia for the visually impaired of all ages.

Of course, to build on their 2014 accomplishments in 2015 and the launch of their tandem cycling program GBSA will need both financial and volunteer support.  Therefore, please consider making contact with Hal if you’d like to volunteer your time and/or tandem to support their events in 2015 or perhaps a financial donation to support all of their good work.

Hal Simpson, Executive Director                                                                                           Georgia Blind Sports Association, Inc.,                                                                                600 Peachtree Street Northeast, Suite 1900                                                                       Atlanta, Georgia  30308                                                                                                           (770) 833-2061



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