Public Radio & Podcasts: A Perfect Match

I’m not a public radio junkie, but public radio does have a special place in my media consumption habits, even though it becomes a love-hate relationship during election seasons when the wonderful on-air personalities and producers political leanings tend to become a bit more obvious.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s far more balanced than the more obvious infotainment networks that I refuse to look to for “news”; thank goodness for NPR and BBC America is all I’ll say.  But, the recent elections were not the catalyst for this entry.  Instead, I was moved to “pen” this entry by the passing of Tom Magliozzi a couple of weeks ago.


While I wasn’t a Car Talk addict who listened every Saturday, I collected every episode on Podcast and would pull those Podcasts out when we made our 12-hour road trips to Pennsylvania twice a year.  Yup, it was those hours of back-to-back Car Talk that has made those trips seem faster than they were as time would fly by while being entertained by Tom & Ray Magliozzi, aka, Click & Clack… the Tappet Brothers.  For those who listened to Car Talk, you’ll no doubt understand what I’m talking about. To those who don’t recall or truly never heard them, here’s a very nice remembrance from Car Talk’s home station, WBUR, that our friend Dr. Gabe Mirkin brought to my attention is his weekly update.  Gabe used “Tommy’s” passing due to complications with Alzheimer’s disease to educate readers about dementia and what they can do to reduce their risk of becoming afflicted; it’s a very enjoyable watching experience:

Other public radio programs that are regular staples in my Podcast diet include “A Prairie Home Companion”, “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me” and our friend Diane Lees show “The Outspoken Cyclist”.

DianeLeesI’ll confess that I’m drawn to Diane’s show when they feature builders more so than the other wonderful subjects and guests who shared thoughts on advocacy, health, competition, politics and a myriad of other topics.  I’ve previously shared a few lists of favorites here in the blog that I will confess that I revisit from time to time.  Some of my favorite of favorites include:




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One Response to Public Radio & Podcasts: A Perfect Match

  1. Paul & Rachel says:

    We met Diane Brian at the Philly Bike Expo earlier this month and had a great time talking about the radio show, bike fit, frame material, and cycling in general.

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