It was a wet one today; SKS mud-guards worked great!

As usual, the weather forecast we watched on TV wasn’t even close to what we were seeing outside of the kitchen window this morning.  However, given the forecast for Sunday wasn’t all that inspiring we decided to venture out onto damp streets in the hope that the early morning mist would subside.

However, to be on the safe side I opted to put our diNotte headlight and our SKS RaceBlade Long mud guards on the Calfee; it was the right call.
20140927_104710 20140927_104655This was actually the first real test of the SKS RaceBlade Longs and I must say, they truly are a better mouse trap.  The mounting tabs were already on the Calfee front & rear brake bolts so installing the mud guards was a quick and easy process that took all of about 5 minutes, tops.  The mud guards clip onto the mounting tabs and then, with the wheels installed on the bike, I removed the skewers, took out the springs and then reinstalled the skewers with the mud guard mounting tabs laced through the skewers.  Pretty slick.

As for managing the wet roads, the mist didn’t subside and actually turned into a light rain during our morning ride, so we really got to see how the mud guards handled all of that road slop. The judgement, as good as anything we’ve ever used including “real” mud guards.  The coverage, while not 100% — there are gaps at the brake calipers and the rear mud guards front blade doesn’t go all the way down to the back of the bottom bracket — the protection they offered was easily 98%.  The front fender kept my feet and legs relative free from water coming off the road and there wasn’t any spray coming off the front of the upper blade’s leading edge.  Debbie reported having no spray from the rear wheel whatsoever.  Just an outstanding design and vast improvement over the original Race Blades.

Having the headlight on also provided some added piece of mind riding in the mist and light rain. We always have our diNotte taillight on, but that front light is something I hold in reserve for early morning, late evening and rainy days.  Can’t say enough nice things about the diNotte lights: they were all second hand and have served us well for many years.



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