Weekend Wrap-Up

Dragon_31Aug09It was a working Friday for me, so the weekend was just Saturday and Sunday.  Our Friday night routine has changed a bit since I last wrote about it and after 12 years of spending our Friday nights at On The Border, we’ve found ourselves back at another old local favorite where we used to have dinner on Saturdays, Olde Towne Tavern & Grille.  It’s been a good change for us and our friends!


We got to bed early on Friday and that allowed us to get up and going on a bunch of house work that had been queued up.  After a full morning we were able to muster enough energy to hit the road with the Calfee for a nice 30 mile loop from the house.  We’d only planned to go 14 miles, but when we got to the 7 mile turn for home, we went the other way… the weather was just about perfect for cycling!  Traffic was also unusually light for a Saturday afternoon: gotta love it when college football keeps folks off the road and glued to their TVs!!!!

Our cycling actually included a bit of a dialog on tandems, along the lines of… could we ever imagine having a tandem that suits us as well as our Calfee has?  Hmmmm.  If we had to replace it, what would we replace it with?  The Calfee has couplers, but we’ve never taken it on an airplane.  However, we have taken it with us on our motorcycle, packed neatly in the bottom of our motorcycle’s trailer and we’ve also had to send parts of the bike back to California for some rework, made much easier by having a bike that packs down into a very small box, relatively speaking.

How about the type of tandem?  I’d talked about adding a second road / enduro tandem to our fleet now that the Erickson is gone.  However, this would be a dual disc tandem that could sport either large volume 650b knobbies or slicks so that it could be used for trails, touring and other road duty where a high volume tire would be desirable.

Then again, it might be interesting to see how some of the the other performance tandems handle and feel compared to the Calfee: it’s always interesting to see how tandems stack up against each other.  I still go back and read my Santana Beyond review from time to time to remind myself what I discovered during our 3/4 day extended test at Santana’s Chattanooga Rally.

Santana Beyond

Always interesting to ponder.  Truthfully, we’re quite happy with the Calfee, but then again… we were also quite happy with the Erickson until the Calfee came along.  So many bikes, so little time and resources!


As mtbtandem_sepyou can see from the previous entry, Sunday was a beautiful day here in Georgia, weather wise and otherwise.  For the first time in just under four years, Debbie and I swung a leg over an off-road tandem and hit the trail!  We only did about a 5-mile loop, but it was perhaps the most significant 5 miles we’ve ridden in a long, long time.  I truly believe adding off-road tandem rides to our riding routine will put some ‘fun’ back into the equation and also bring a whole different level of fitness to our weekly routines.  She doesn’t read these blog entries or Facebook so I’m relatively safe — assuming friends don’t rat me out — in saying that I’m hopeful we’ll be able to do one weekend day of road tandem riding each week with the other being used for off-road.  Well, at least for a short while: the local trails will shut down in mid-October through January 1st during hunting season: wouldn’t you know.

Getting back to my notional riding scenarios, a half-day spent cycling is about all we can  hope for as we have to balance out the need to spend time working around the house, time with the kids/grandkids and of course our other two-wheel past time — motorcycling — for a few more years. That’s been one of the problems with our Georgia Tandem Club rides as they have become all-day events where 2 to 3 hours are lost just getting to and from the increasingly remote ride locations.  Oh well, it’s all about priorities.

Speaking of motorcycling, it was an interesting couple of weeks as I’ve had two of our three motorcycles in for service at the same time.  All I can say is, I’m really glad I can do all of my own bicycle maintenance.  I wish I’d have kept my motorcycle engine overhaul and repair skills up to snuff, as getting a good wrench to work on your big bikes is hardly a no-brainer.  Even the very best miss a few things these days.

Tool Box

On the bright side, all of the motorcycles are back at home and I believe they’re all in good running order.  Our Road King, Blue, needs a module in the sound system changed-out before we head to Florida on the 1st and 3rd weekends for the fall editions of Bike Week in Panama City Beach and Daytona.  We were able to get in a nice 80-mile ride today after our tandem mountain bike ride at a trail just 5 miles from our house: how cool is that!

We actually took Blue to lunch at what is usually our Saturday night dinner spot — Loco Willy’s — as we tried a new place on Saturday.  We met our friends David & Deb along the way to lunch and they joined us at Loco’s: how appropriate!  After lunch, we headed over to Cartersville, Georgia on a nice 60-mile loop that included a stop at the Cartersville Harley-Davidson shop.  As sometimes happens, I found a really cute top and a really awesome leather vest for Debbie while we were there. What can I say, I like spoiling my sweetie and, well, I like outfitting her with things that we both like!

Sometimes I think that tandem cycling could benefit from an infusion of fashion, something that is tailored to suit the unique needs of mature couples who cycling together!  Lets face it, lycra isn’t always flattering: there’s got to be a better fashion solution for cycling!  After all, we ain’t out there racing!  I’m thinking a lined touring cargo short in a madras print with a Hawaiian styled, collared shirt!  Good grief, I’m getting delusional!  Time to wrap it up.



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