Three for Three…. Tandem Club Rides in August that is.

Well, we went three-for-three on tandem club rides this month!  A huge thank you to Roger & Eve for hosting all of these rides. It brought back fond memories of our very early years together when “the usual suspects” would get together just about every Sunday morning for a tandem ride somewhere in the metro Atlanta area followed by lunch.  It just made for a great routine.  Of course, that was also when there weren’t nearly as many demands on everyone’s time.

The third PEACHES ride for August was a 48-mile loop out in Cumming, Georgia that put us on familiar roads from July’s ride out in Alpharetta, albeit with a few different twists.


Photo by Eve Kofsky

I think this just underscores how popular the riding is north of Atlanta in the Woodstock, Milton & Alpharetta areas.  The turn-out was on par with the previous rides. I sometimes suspect that we’d be able to get more folks to show up if we hosted a luncheon with an optional ride instead of the other way around: turn-out for the annual PEACHES planning party is always 3x – 4x as large as the average ride!!

Can you figure out who was photoshopped into the picture so that everyone was in the photo?

Can you figure out who was photo-shopped into the picture so that everyone was in the photo?

I should also note, it’s been great to be back on the tandem and bicycles. When the weather cooperates and there aren’t other pressing demands, such as birthdays (grand child #4) and the arrival of fifth grand child on Thursday morning, Debbie has been getting out for a 25-mile late afternoon ride when she gets home from work and we’ve been very good about getting in at least one tandem ride each weekend, if not two when time allows.  I’ve even started to get out after work for a short off-road ride in the trails near our home and that has been a welcome addition to my daily routine.


Photo by Eve Kofsky

I should probably note that this was just the start of a rather ambitious day of ‘riding’ for us.  During the ride I’d posted out a photo of us taking a mid-ride break on Facebook and when we finished the ride I found a comment from a friend who said they were going to invite us to join them for a ‘ride’ (motorcycle) but could see that we were already tied up.

Knowing that they don’t typically head out until around noon, I shot back a message to let them know that we might be able to meet them at their destination, depending on when they left and where they were going.  The destination was Chattanooga and departure time was slipping to the right.


Julie looks on as Chuck makes short work of a massive cupcake. That’s Don working on his in the background.

To make a long story short, we were able to get home, cleaned-up and meet-up with our friends for a big-bike ride to Chattanooga where we had a light meal at Sugar’s and desert before heading back home: about a 200-mile round trip.  We got caught in a little rain on the way up — of course there was zero chance of rain in the forecast — and had a humid-cool ride home.  We capped off the day with a late night pizza and beer at Olde Towne Tavern & Grille before calling it a night.

Just a great day!


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