A Good Week of Cycling…. For a Change!!!

It was a good week of cycling for Team TG…

After getting in two days on the tandem last weekend, Debbie was able to get out on her single bike for a 25-mile post work, early evening ride on Monday through Thursday… something she truly enjoys and that she’s not been able to do for quite some time.

garmin705Of course, with her return to regular weeknight riding came the reminder that her 10-year old Garmin Edge 305 (a hand-me-down from yours truly) was still having issues, e.g., cutting-out for no particular reason.  I picked up a previously owned Garmin Edge 705 and she’s now quite happy with it.  I even figured out why I couldn’t get my own Garmin Edge 705 to take .gpx file uploads (aka, GPS route maps) once I had the second one to compare it to: turns out, my Garmin is missing all kinds of system files and folders.  She was really thrilled with how the GPS route maps worked! So, I’ve got a very happy cyclist with a new-to-her toy.

As for this past weekend, we were able to get out for a very nice 25-mile tandem ride from the house on Saturday morning before it got too hot. It’s been great making time to get out on the tandem two times per weekend and something we hope to do up and until we hop on the big Harley and head to Thunder Beach at Panama City Beach in early October and then get a second helping of big bike fun at Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach later in the month.

Today we joined a few teams for the 2nd of three Tandem Club of Georgia rides being hosted by Roger Strauss & Eve Kofsky in August.  It was out in Covington, about an hour and 10-minute drive from our home.  The ride start was at 9:00am so we were out of the house by 7:20am, just to make sure we didn’t miss the start as we did last week.


It was a very nice ride with a total of 7 teams on bikes and an 8th team that had to call an audible when they had a pretty serious bike issue on their way to the ride.  Uh, yeah… whilst moving a long at freeway speeds it somehow became detached from either the rack or the rack with bike somehow became detached from the car: not quite sure as we didn’t want to ask them to relive the episode.  Suffices to say, there was definitely some damage but, again, the extent is unknown to me.

The one thing that this ride had that no other tandem ride has had this year was searing heat!!!  I mean, it was HOT… The kind of HOT we haven’t had yet this summer: 95°F with very high humidity and poor air quality.  We were definitely “spent” by the end of the 48-mile ride and more than ready to sit down for a post-ride meal at Bullrito’s.  I was able to score a cold Bud Lite along with my soft drink and that really took the edge off after the hot ride.  Yeah, yeah… I know. Alcoholic beverages are not the correct thing to consume when  you need to re-hydrated but, what the heck: I earned it and I’m old enough to know what works for me!!!!

I will say that I may take my tool box to next week’s third of three August tandem club rides as there were a number of noisy tandems on today’s ride.  There was one tandem with FSA cranks where the rear crank clearly wasn’t installed with enough torque on the crank bolt; a common issue with FSA tandem cranks.  There was another tandem that has either a noisy from skewer, hub or eccentric: not quite sure about that one.  And, last but not least there was an older tandem with conventional bottom brackets where the rear bottom bracket seems to be a little light on torque as well.

I’d actually vanquished my own persistent front wheel noise before today’s ride — one of those pesky hub end caps on White Industry hubs that tend to loosen-up — so I was pretty pleased that we weren’t contributing to the symphony of mechanical noises.  However, I also realized how dirty our tandem had gotten so it got a quick wash down after today’s ride when I got back home.  I also cleaned and re-lubricated the chains and polished the cranks which had collected some nasty stains.  So, we should be in pretty good shape next weekend.

We also got in some ride time on our big Harley “Blue” Saturday afternoon, had a nice evening out with “dinner and a movie” on Saturday and of course the regular list of house hold chores thrown in to fill-in the gaps.



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