SKS Customer Support… Awesome!

As the title of this blog entry suggests, I can sum up my impressions of SKS customer support in just one word: Awesome!

Regular readers may recall that we had a bit of an issue with our new SKS RaceBlade Long during their inaugural weekend at the Georgia Tandem Rally; quoting from my 7 June blog entry entitled SKS Mud Guard Follow-Up:

Before Saturday’s ride I modified the bracket a bit but it proved to be only a marginal improvement and the fender was rubbing again.  However, I made the mistake of leaving it out there too long and about 5 miles into our ride while descending a rather “swift” section of road with 20 tandems on our rear wheel I heard a couple rattles and then saw the fender piece shoot of the front of the bike as it was clipped by the front tire.  As you’d expect, the trajectory landed the little fender in our own path and I’m fairly confident it was rolled-over several times by the tandems that were following us. Needless to say, I decided the risks posed by attempting to stop and retrieve the little part didn’t seem worth the reward and that was that.

As noted in the blog entry, I sent off a note to SKS via their “contact us link” on the Corporate SKS website wherein I asked if the little fender extension was available as a spare part and included a short summary of how our first one parted company with the triplet during the ride.

A few days later I received a nice note from Lee at SKS USA in Olney, Illinois asking us to verify our mailing address and what color mud guard we had; a replacement would be on the way!  Three days later….


Can’t ask for better support than that!  Great products AND great support, it’s so nice when your instincts about a company are right.

I think we have at least five sets of SKS mud guards here at the house: two sets of the standard SKS mud guards that are 10 years old; a set of the original RaceBlade “strap-on” mud guards; the SKS Longboards; and, the SKS RaceBlade Long.  I think the quick release mud deflectors for our off-road bikes may also be SKS.  The RaceBlade Long’s are definitely my favorites given their quick-release feature that allows you to quickly install or remove them as needed in mere seconds leaving only the quick-release mounting tabs attached to the bike: those also come off in mere moments.  Given all of the rain we’ve been having, I’m almost inclined to leave the mud guards on full time!


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