Debbie-Fest 2014 (Updated)

Let’s see if I can’t make this something less that a diary and keep it to the main points.

Every year when Miss Debbie’s birthday comes around I try to start doing a little something every day leading up to her birthday.  Some years are more eventful than others.  What this year’s Debbie-Fest lacked in the quantity  of daily activity it made up for in quality!

I’d planned to kick the week off last Saturday with a tandem ride in the morning followed by a motorcycle ride in the afternoon, but the weather didn’t cooperate.   Instead, I treated her to some more comfortably “lounge wear” during an impromptu stop at one of our regular sources for the kind of clothing that Debbie now favors… and that I like as well: win-win!

Saturday night was highlighted by a trip over to The Wing Cafe & Taphouse where one of the handful of cover bands that we’ve enjoyed enough to become friends of the members was playing.  Shyanne bills itself as an 80’s/90’s cover band, but they get called to the stage with the 1962 John Barry Orchestra version of the James Bond Theme song on playback, and then launch into the theme song from “Live and Let Die” written by Paul & Linda McCartney and originally performed by Wings in 1973.  Not exactly 80’s, but who cares: it’s an amazing opening and one that resonates with “our generation”!

We arrived in time to get a booth in the band pit (if you will), had a couple of salads before they started playing and had a chance to visit with a couple other friends who were at the show.  It was a great time, but we barely made it into the 2nd set when it started around mid-night before calling a night.

Sunday was a busy day as we had the kids and grandkids coming over around noon to celebrate Easter Sunday.  I let Debbie relax a bit while knocking out several loads of laundry, vacuuming and steam mopping the hardwoods and then headed off for a short bike ride while Debbie got the plastic Easter eggs stuffed and attended to other things before the kids arrived.  After getting back from my ride I began to mow the lawn by which time the kids had arrived.  We had a good time with the family and they headed off to their second Easter engagement with Julie’s family, at which point we hooked up with our friend David Ford for about a 90-mile motorcycle ride on backroads out to Cartersville, then up 411 to Freemont, Salacoa Rd over to Waleska, then down into Canton — and drive by of Bodock’s to see if any of our biker friends might be there (they weren’t) — before heading home.

pollenUnfortunately, the pollen was out in force and I’m not sitting here at midnight unable to sleep because it.  Yup; the upper respiratory congestion, coughing, etc. is back.

It was a relaxing evening at home to end the day and weekend.

On Monday I had a dozen roses delivered to her office so she’d have those to enjoy all week; they were definitely a hit and I’m told they still looked spectacular all the way through Friday.

With both of us feeling a little on the puny side we didn’t do much during the week until Thursday night when Debbie asked if we could go for a little motorcycle ride.  I said sure, and offered up Capers restaurant as a destination.  It was a short ride but enough to get that spiritual revival that only riding a bike — any type of bike — can give.  The meal at Capers was excellent and the ride home was also quite nice.

hemingwaysOn Friday we were faced with a bit of a dilemma in that our regular lunch spot for at least the last year or so had lost its appeal so I had to come up with something new.  The substitute was Hemingway’s on the Marietta Square where we were able to sit outside in the “patio area” (well OK, it’s the alley between the buildings but it’s quite nice) and had a couple of very nice salads: a bit healthier than our usual every other Friday fare.

Friday evening began as usual with a visit to On the Border for dinner with our dear friends David & Deb.  It was a great time as usual and we arrived late enough that it stretch our stay till nearly 8:00pm. That worked out just fine as my plan for the evening was to head over to Paddy’s Pub & Eatery where the band “Three Left Standing” would be playing.  We first heard the band over at Brewster’s last October and they put on a great show and played a lot of music that lends itself to dancing.  And one of the nice things about Paddy’s is that they actually have a descent size dance floor and draw in a crowd about our age that enjoy dancing too!

jeffcarrieannbobby paddys

To top it all off, five other friends (Julie, Chuck, Carrie Ann, Bobby & Jeff) called and asked where we were: they wanted to come and join in Debbie’s birthday celebration. (A special thank you to Carrie Ann for making her way back to Paddy’s as I know it’s not high on her list of favorite places.)  They arrived in short order and I’m pretty sure everyone had a grand time: I know that Debbie did and so did I.  A special thanks to David & Deb for their little surprise as well; y’all need to knock that off too!!!

Today may or may include a tandem ride.  It’s shaping up to be a busy day with our granddaughter Caroline having two Lacrosse games in the afternoon and then an early dinner with the kids and grandkids.  I think we’re pretty-well partied-out from last night so I don’t expect that we’ll get out this evening and that will bode well for tandem ride on Sunday morning before the thunderstorms roll in.


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