Tandem Hauler On Steroids…

Well, the same day it hit 100,000 miles on the odometer, our faithful 2006 Toyota Tundra DoubleCab pick-up truck and tandem hauler got fitted with some bling: the new Pro Comp rims.


Gotta say, the Photoshop job (below) did an excellent job of representing what the truck would look like with the new rims that we selected. 


 All-in-all, a pretty interesting transformation.




The only thing I’m thinking about changing are the center caps. I’ve ordered a set of flat black ones to see how they’ll look vs. the chrome caps that come with the wheels.  They’re just plastic, so it’s not a major expense and I suspect the black plastic will also “wear better” than the chromed plastic.


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One Response to Tandem Hauler On Steroids…

  1. Kevin Vinson says:

    Mark, it looks great!

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